White Cloud Starter Kits

The list of White Cloud Starter Kits contains Cirrus 2 basic and plus kits, Cirrus 3 and 3X, a variety kit, and the Phantom. These start at $29.95, moving up the price ladder to $129.95. This leaves an item for every budget, whether you are a newbie or somewhat advanced with e-cigs. White Cloud is, indeed, affordably priced.

Cirrus 2

The basic Cirrus package comes with two grey-tipped batteries which feature an orange LED light. Five cartridges and a 6-month warranty are included. This is about the lowest warranty around, though a two year extension costs around $12. Your kit contains an extra battery, though, and is only $29.95, a tempting price.

Cirrus 2 Plus is the same except for two additions: an AC Adaptor and a Squid charger. The latter item charges multiple batteries simultaneously. Add $20.

Cirrus 3

Add another $20 for the Cirrus 3. You are also getting a third battery along with the AC Adaptor and Squid. Allow up to 1 ½ hours to charge your battery, which will last for up to 6 hours.

Cirrus 3X moves things up a notch with White Cloud’s most enduring battery. It gives you up to 12 hours on a single charge, which could be as many as 600 puffs depending on how deeply you draw. Allow 2 hours for a charge, however. Batteries come in blue, green, or red and the tip could be crystal, blackout, ash, or chrome.

Choose your cartridge strength and flavor plus the sort of AC adaptor you want: standard or Euro. A DC adaptor is also included for a price of $89.95.

Variety for Beginners

Every Cirrus battery is represented in the Variety Starter kit. $79.95 gets you the C2, C3, and C3X plus 5 cartridges, a USB charger, and AC adaptor of your choice. Experiment with battery power and how this affects vapor volume.

The Phantom

White Cloud’s Phantom starter kit should fade into the scenery without trouble. They call it “stealth vaping.” Your package is all in black, from hardware to the display box which locks. At $129.95, this is White Cloud’s most expensive kit, but it is also exclusive, with only 500 membership cards available. Owners belong to a club of sorts. Otherwise, the 5-pack cartridges, AC adaptor, and Squid charger are standard features.