Volcano ECigs Starter Kits

The best way to judge Volcano ECigs starter kits is to compare them side by side with other firms selling two-part e-cigs and tank systems. One problem you might encounter is the website: at least, this reviewer found it difficult to use. The website is not a big issue to surmount, however, because several wholesale companies also sell Volcano ECigs at possibly better prices than the main site. If your computer is completely updated, you might not experience trouble.


The Magma from Volcano is just like many other types of basic starter kits. The price (around $60) is pretty average and it comes with the same things: a USB charger and wall adapter, two rechargeable batteries, and ten cartomizers. Then they include an M-Pack, which is a portable charging case.

Cartridge flavors, like the brand itself, come from the US. They also reflect their Hawaiian origins. When you move to a tank system, there are several extra flavors of e-liquid. Examples include Choconilla, Kona Coffee, Coocoo Coconut, and numerous tobacco flavors.

LavaTube and Inferno

Then comes the jump to tank systems called the Inferno and LavaTube. They are similar products with similar prices (around $75-$150). Add a bit more money and select a dual system (drip or tank). Otherwise, elect to use one or the other. The price is around normal for tank starter systems, though you could pay less.

An Inferno Starter Kit gives you a gift box, two batteries, a mini USB cable, and wall charger. You also get extra pieces depending on your selection of drip or tank system. You might need cones or drip tips, for instance.

One of the Inferno batteries is a medium-powered (650mAh) pass-through. The other is far superior with 1,000 mAh. Your gift box is also sturdier than the usual packaging.

LavaTube is the strongest performer, but also the priciest starter kit. Its charger holds two batteries, one the standard 650mAh, the second 900mAh. Use variable voltage adjustment to adapt vapor production.