VaporZone Starter Kits

The best word to describe VaporZone starter kits is “futuristic.” They have a space-age look about them: sleek, tubular, steel and black. Think of tiny space craft, only carrying e-liquid instead of rocket fuel. VaporZone is best known for AVP products, furthering their advanced image. There are 5 tank system starter kits in all, plus the Express.

VaporZone JetJet Starter Kit

The Jet is a $79.99 tank system which gets 5 stars from reviewers. The battery, at 650mAh, is reasonably powerful. This kit comes with 1 battery, 1 cartomizer, 2 atomizers, USB charger, and a wall adaptor.

You also get 1 mouthpiece cap. Resistance is 1.1 to 1.5 ohm, and the tank provides capacity for 1.3ml of juice.

Express Starter Kit

This 4-star kit is your usual beginner’s e-cig set with two-part assembly. The one difference is that not all companies provide the dual option to use pre-filled or refillable cartridges as is true here.

You get a standard battery plus a high-capacity battery. A wall adaptor and USB charger are also inside the package. Customers receive all of this for $29.99.

VaporZone PulsePulse Starter

The Pulse comes with two 750mAh batteries: just a little stronger than the Jet. Its tank is easy to fill with room for 2.5ml of juice: nearly twice the Jet. A digital screen on the battery shows how many puffs you have taken. The Pulse starter kit costs $119.99.


Although these kits are great to look at and $29.99 is competitive for an e-cig starter, you do need to buy flavor cartridges and e-juice separate. None of the kits come with any. You have to supply yourself juice or pre-filled cartridges from tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla, or chocolate choices. Does this negate the value of an Express Kit?

On Balance

Actually, no: the basic kit comes with plenty of items to balance out the cost in favor of VaporZone. Most systems for this price do not include the adaptor. You usually get a single battery. Considering what these would cost individually, you are saving money.

Besides, VaporZone cartridges are priced at a reasonable $14.99 for five. This is standard for many companies. Meanwhile, being able to re-use and refill cartridges saves you more cash. When you buy liquid by the bottle instead of in a cartridge, there are more flavor options too. Graham Cracker, Cotton Candy, and Red Hot Cinnamon are just three of many treats. A 30ml bottle costs the same as a 5-pack.

As for the tank systems, they provide reasonable value as well. Those extra atomizers are a nice touch. VaporZone sells atomizer heads specifically per model. A five-pack is priced between $14.99 and $19.99 depending on design. Extra tanks in various colors are also available.

Though steel and black are sleek, colors like purple, pink, orange, and blue are fun. Electronic vaping is also supposed to be fun since it removes so much of the danger from smoking.