V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

V2 Cigs is one of the best-known electronic cigarette companies. Its goods receive positive reviews routinely, but consumers are justly cautious about spending their money on e-cigs. When choosing an e-cigarette company after years of arriving at a favorite brand of regular cigarettes, it can take some months of research, including hands-on investigation of one brand after another.

V2 Cigs Disposables SamplerThis is why companies create disposable e-cigs and starter kits. Disposables are especially good for helping individuals try a product without accumulating pieces which do not work with a different brand.

Once they select a brand, however, choosing a package deal is much cheaper than buying a battery, then cartridges, plus a USB charger, and more articles little by little.

Any V2 Cigs starter kit is competitively priced. They increase in size and price according to the profiles of former smokers. An online comparison chart makes it one of the most user-friendly sites for new e-smokers.

V2 Cigs Beginner's KitTheir basic starter kit, called the Beginners Kit, comes with one battery, one disposable e-cig, 6 cartridges, and an express charger. While $34.95 makes this one of the most expensive express packages on the market, most competitors’ kits do not contain as many parts.

Usually you get 2 cartridges, one third of the number supplied here. You also do not receive a disposable to try. The USB charger is a fast-acting, small version of the standard device.

Your top-priced starter from V2 Cigs carries a price tag of $176.37. The Ultimate Kit includes just about everything. Three batteries and 25 cartridges are included (20 is the usual maximum for starter kits).

V2 Ultimate KitThere is the usual wall adaptor, USB smart charger, plus a car adaptor and extra-large portable charging case. You will also receive a carry case, power cig, and one disposable. The value here is good, even though nearly $180 is more than most starter kits on the market.

If $35 for the cheapest starter kit is more than you want to pay to investigate the brand, you have two other options. Buy the power (USB) cig for $25.89 and get five cartridges to go with it. Disposables cost just over $10 for three, while a sampler pack of 6 is also available for about $21.