Halo Cigs Starter Kits

Some companies produce so many starter kits that new e-cig consumers become confused. They wonder if they are really going to need the many pieces included in larger kits, and if they will end up paying too much for parts later by saving money now. Not so with Halo Cigs Starter Kits. Reviews for Halo are strong, placing the brand in the top ten.

Halo gives consumers one choice: color. The rest is made for them. Where other manufacturers have complicated the notion of a starter, Halo Cigs returns to the essential idea. New e-smokers just need the basic equipment to begin with.

Your $44.99 package equates to the second level starter kit on many websites. It comes with five cartomizers (a new atomizer is included in every cartridge), two batteries, a USB charger, wall adaptor, and case. You select the size of battery and whether to try manual or automatic. For many consumers, this is the chance to order one of each and compare them for effective vapor production.

Consumers also select a flavor from the long list. They come in nicotine strengths from 6mg to 24mg. There is no zero-nicotine option. When you buy cartridges separately, they cost about $10 for five, which is roughly a third less than the standard cost.

Perhaps you have already vaped for a few months and it seems like the right time to advance to a tank system. Triton starter kits from Halo provide an inroad. The same policy prevails here: each kit is the same in essence. Only the colors change, and they are pretty vivid (except black and titanium). Do not expect to blend in with your electric lime tube tank.

A tag of $64.99 sounds like a lot, but tank systems are always more expensive than standard e-cig starter sets. This is a good deal for a beginner’s kit. Like most tank systems, no juice is included. You get two batteries with a choice of 400mAh or 650mAh. Since Triton is an advanced vaping system, both batteries are manual. The point is to learn how to control vapor production. Two crystal clear tanks, a 35mm cone, USB, and wall adaptor are also in the kit.