Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Green Smoke starter kits in order of price (lowest to highest) are the Essentials, Express, Pro, and Ultimate. A starter kit provides an inexpensive launch pad from which to become a regular e-smoker. With a kit, the parts you need are already included and often at a discounted price. Buying the pieces separately will usually cost more.

The Essentials Green Smoke starter kit contains only what you really need to start vaping. There is a rechargeable battery and two cartridges with 1.8% nicotine, tobacco or menthol flavored. These are the most popular choices among ingénue e-smokers.

The Express is designed for beginner and intermediate users who need something to pass the time while their battery charges. This is the USB cigarette. You plug it straight into a USB power source such as a desktop or laptop computer instead of waiting for the battery to recharge.

Green Smoke Express Kit

Many smokers try this new way of smoking after puffing on 2 or more packs each day. They cannot rely on a single battery daily. Even though a single charge and one cartridge can last for hours (depending on use), a second battery removes the fear of maybe having to wait while a craving pursues you through the second half of the day.

A Pro kit includes that second battery, but also the USB cigarette and 10 cartomizers. While an Essential Kit only provides two choices of nicotine flavor and only 1.8%, select from the full line with a Pro. Clove and vanilla are two further options among many.

Green Smoke Pro Kit

The cheapest kit costs under $30, but the Ultimate is priced at roughly 4 times that amount. Why should you pay so much for a starter kit, and who would be in the market for the product?

An e-smoker ordering the Ultimate starter kit probably smokes a lot: at least one pack a day, maybe two. He wants an uninterrupted flow of nicotine in his day and has no thoughts about quitting, just getting rid of chemicals. His set includes a second USB charger and a third battery for ultimate convenience.

Green Smoke Ultimate Kit