Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Have you thought of buying electronic cigarettes and giving up the real thing? If so, then you have probably been advised to buy a starter kit from one of several e-cig companies. An Eversmoke starter kit gives you reasonable value for money.

There are generally few surprises in this industry. Your kit will come with certain devices at the very least and cost less than ordering parts one at a time. One feature which might appeal in the Eversmoke line is the option to buy manual or standard batteries (or one of each).

Eversmoke Basic Starter KitFor example, the Basic Starter Kit ($49.99) comes with a standard battery and an extra-strength device. Both are available in automatic or manual styles.

If this is too much choice, your default should always be automatic. As your knowledge and interest increases you can always add a manual battery later. They run out of power eventually anyway.

Stick to an even lower budget with the Express Kit (about $30). Customers receive two cartridges (18mg tobacco or menthol), one battery, and a USB charger.

Their most expensive starter kit costs $149.99. Only 15 cartridges are included. Perhaps this seems small when compared with brands providing 20 or more in their most expensive packages, but Eversmoke charges a little bit less too.

You have to do your own math, really, and try their cartridges. The website says they are each the equivalent of one package of analog cigarettes. Other brands might not last as long or taste as good.

Your kit provides a car adaptor and power cig, both handy for clients who hate to endure a gap in their smoking (or now, vaping). A third battery and carrying case are also added.

Eversmoke carries a couples’ kit as many companies do. Contents are essentially the same as two basic starter kits, but with two car adaptors. Price wise, with the adaptors, $99.99 is decent value.