Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Choosing a Bull Smoke starter kit is as easy as flipping a coin. There are only two. Still, while they are identical in some ways, they are opposite in others. The two kits are the Ranch Hand and City Slicker, both priced at $29.95.

Bull Smoke Ranch Hand Starter KitWhat you will notice right away is that the price for these two starter kits is considerably lower than prices for kits from other companies containing similar items. For $30, you would usually only receive an express kit containing just 2 nicotine cartridges, one battery, and a USB charger. Add 8 more cartridges, a wall adaptor, and a second battery and you have a Bull Smoke starter kit.

The Ranch Hand starter comes with five American and five Turkish tobacco cartridges. A City Slicker kit provides one each of ten flavors. The other eight are chocolate, grape, Refined Tobacco, vanilla, menthol, peppermint, cherry, and coffee.

Nicotine is available in 4 strengths (6 to 24mg) or zero nicotine. Sweet nicotine cartridges are color-coded to match their flavors, so they do not look like authentic cigarettes the way tobacco cartridges do.

Each starter kit comes with a long battery known as the Kentucky and a short one called the Stubby. A City Slicker’s kit contains black versions, the Ranch Hand white.

There are also stainless steel and orange batteries, plus automatic and manual styles. A third size — regular — is also available. All Bull Smoke battery tips glow like real cigarettes, and will flash quickly when they should be recharged.

In addition to starter kits, Bull Smoke carries disposable “Buckshot” e-cigarettes. Each one contains 18mg of nicotine, American Ranger tobacco, and costs $5 online. These are priced to sell, making it inexpensive to give e-vaping a try.

Bull Smoke’s website indicates that you can get up to 450 puffs out of a Buckshot e-cig, puffs full of satisfying vapor. Do not plan to recharge or refill them: they only work until the battery or puffs run out.