Apollo E Cigs Starter Kits

Apollo E Cigs starter kits come in five varieties. They start with a basic, two-part electronic pen used primarily by first time and light e smokers. Their range leads to a VTube for experienced and heavy smokers.

Apollo Ecigs Extreme kitBasics First

The cheapest kit on Apollo’s website is an Extreme Starter Kit. It comes with 2 Extreme batteries, both automatic and more powerful than standard batteries from Apollo. As you would expect for nearly $55, a wall adaptor and USB charger are supplied.

You receive just 5 cartomizers, but also a car charger. If you dislike black, buy a separate battery in nearly any rainbow shade.

Apollo eGo KitApollo eGo Kit

The eGo Starter Kit provides two blank tanks, known as clearomizers. They are ready to be filled from a 10ml bottle of e liquid in the customer’s choice of flavor and nicotine percentage.

This goes up to 24mg, but a zero version is also available. Styles include menthol, desserts, tobacco, and liquor.

Apollo points out that this is an e cig for intermediate vapers and moderate to heavy smokers. You have to be ready for the vapor production potential and prepared to operate the manual battery. Two are provided in a choice of eight vibrant colors. This kit costs $69.95.

Apollo V Tube Kit 3.0V Tube Kit 3.0

For $119.95, advanced e smokers can purchase Apollo’s top kit: the V Tube.

Although there are few items in the box, they are all designed for power and quality. Expect plenty of vapor and long hours of smoking.

There is a lock on this device so it cannot be turned on accidentally. Atomizer threading is 510 and eGo compatible.

The cap comes off so you can easily clean your V Tube, add clearomizers, and change atomizers. Adjust wattage or voltage using just three buttons and watch numbers change on your display screen. They go up by 1 and 0.1 respectively. A single Pro-Tank Clearomizer is provided along with one high capacity battery. The tube is made from stainless steel. You also receive a dual battery charger and a carry chase with this package.

If you want to add a Pro Tank 2 Regular to the mini in your kit, add $16, a discounted price.