Zombie Juice

What’s in a name? Why did Zombie Juice choose this title when there is nary a zombie in site on their webpage? I hate zombies, and it was with trepidation that I logged onto their page, fearing the sight of dripping flesh and eyeballs popping out. The only reference to rotting corpses is the figure of a zombie-ish green woman at the top, which I can handle. She has all of her bits as far as I can see.

A devoted fan following has spent some time reviewing many flavors from this Northwest shop. This amount of personal data is encouraging, even if you sometimes stumble upon a bad or mediocre review. After all, if people are reviewing, they are most likely also shopping. Besides their own store, Zombie Juice is carried by numerous shops in the Spokane area.

The juice is what matters, and this is a favorite of Washington State vapers. Selection is outstanding with 210 flavors. You could vape a single juice each day and take two thirds of the year to run out of choices. By the time you finish the cycle, they might have added more.

Green Goddess is a mixture of watermelon and banana considered smooth and full of vapor. Cherry Milkshake possesses some throat hit, but creates a lot of vapor.

Under “Pub and Bar” you will find Fuzzy Navel, Peach Bunny, and Banana Fosters. Other categories like Soda Pop, Coffee, and Candy Shop are also enjoyable just to read about before you even try their vapor.

The Website

This is not your usual glossy, super-professional website. In fact, there are a few glitches that make some text difficult to read. It has a “ma and pa” feel to it, as though they know their customers come to the site not to admire the graphics but to buy juice they love. Several people are pictured above e juice headings and I have to wonder if they are staff, family, or loyal clients.

In spite of its basic feel, I love the personality of this site and how images fade in and out. It’s kind of creepy for an otherwise tame reference to zombies. There aren’t any guts or body parts anywhere, luckily for me.


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