Welcome to the land of Zikwidia, home of Zikwid e liquids. Seriously, that’s what they call it at the website. You can tell by the homepage images that this is a unique fantasy land of flavor and vapor, a slightly dark but also flavorful place you will enjoy visiting as a vaper. The top-panel image reminded me of the kind of eye-spy picture my children enjoy.

ZikwidZikwid Review: Electronic Cigarettes

I absolutely love the fantasy aspect of the website and the full-on way Zikwid owners have developed it. Then reality strikes and you have to make choices about very real looking products, like starter kits and parts. Plus you have to pay for them.

You can be thankful that Zikwid carries some top brands: Joyetech, in particular. They have the eRoll starter kit for $79.99 in black, white, or stainless steel. It comes with an atomizer cone (for uniformity of appearance), two heads, two batteries (1000mAh), three cartomizers, and three chargers: USB, wall adaptor, and a car adaptor. That is a good price and a great package. Also on the Joye roster are the 510 and 510-T.

Smoktech products include a pre-punched tank, Vision Aurora tanks in 4 colors, and mod batteries and cartomizers. You can also buy custom plastic CE4 tanks from Vision that come in a rainbow of shades.

Now for the Juice

You came here for juice, and that is what you will get: juice from Boge, Halo, Vapers Choice, and Zikwid, of course. Zikwidian bottles are white with a blue cap; quite distinctive. Tastes include Zanilla, Zen Berry, ZY4, Zapple, Black Licorice (nowhere for a “Z” here, I suppose), and Amber Ale. I have never seen Amber Ale on a lineup before and look forward to trying it. Bottles cost $10.85 but I cannot see a bottle size.

Boge Liquids include Mocha, Hillington, and Turkish Blend. Bottles cost $7.49. For $9.99 you can have a Vapers Choice Blue Label (100% vegetable glycerin) in Kool Peach, Cigar, or Fruit Gum. Nicotine variations are no problem: go from 0 to 24mg by selecting one of these brands.

Staying in Touch

I get the feeling you are encouraged to keep in touch with Zikwidians because there are so many ways to go about it. Chat with someone online. Email them when chat is offline. Go to a store. Visit Twitter or Facebook and enter your comments there, reading what other people have to say and potentially finding answers to questions not mentioned on the well-laid-out website.

Zikwid is based in Arizona where there are stores in Tempe and Glendale. The owners also look forward to the opening of another store very soon. Clearly, Zikwid is growing.