WordUp ECig

Word on the internet is that WordUp is a good company to buy e cigs, e liquid, and accessories from. Customers have no complaints. They carry Joyetech, Kanger, Innokin, and Vision products, and not just a small selection of them. Buy a Joyetech eVic, eRoll, one of the 510s, plus batteries, chargers, and pass-through batteries.

The eVic VV/VW mod is $117.99 with a control head, battery tube, 2600 mAh battery, and USB cable. You get a wall charger, instructional guide and MVR software manual, 10mls of liquid, and a filler needle. There is even an eGo clearomizer with this kit. The website starts with a description of the model, so consumers know what the unit is capable of. $117.99 with so much other gear included is an outstanding price.

A Vision VTox BCC ecig express kit is priced $29.99 in several possible colors. This kit comes with a 1.8-ohm cartomizer, 350 mAh battery, USB charger, 10ml of liquid, and a carry case. $29.99 is reasonable for this mini-eGo express package.

WordUp sells empty cartridges and e liquid with up to 48 mg of nicotine (for mixing only). Customers buy individual flavors, sample packs, or DIY equipment and liquids for making their own juice. Select a ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, or opt for just one or the other.

Flavors are listed, not laid out in picture form, and there are loads of them. Try Havana Cigar or American Spirit Tobacco. Go for a Crazy Coconut or possibly Goose Teaberry. Even enjoy your regular glass of White Zinfadel alcohol-free. Pay $8.99 for 10 mls. There are better prices out there, but WordUp routinely sends out free e liquid with their kits too.

This WordUp Ecig review is mostly positive, but I have to comment on the website. It could be tidier. After choosing a category, products that came up were crammed together on the page and hard to distinguish.