White Cloud

There is a White Cloud review right on the firm’s website, written by the team that operates the company. Although this is not the only one you should read, it is a commitment you can quote back to the company if you ever have any concerns.

In their “about us” write-up, White Cloud says they make longer lasting cartridges and batteries than the competition. They invest a lot of money in research and development so that they experience very few instances of failure compared to other companies. If you feel this is valid, add your name to the growing list of positive testimonials for the U.S. electronic cigarette company.

Where to Find White Cloud

You Can Buy Direct From the Official Site:


Like a lot of growing e-cig brands, the easiest place to find White Cloud is over the internet. They also run many kiosks in various locations around the U.S.

If you need to get in touch with one of their representatives, customer service agents speak to clients from centers within the country, not from foreign offices. You can also reach them via email and live chat.

White Cloud Zero K CartridgeWhite Cloud Products

Product categories are disposables, starter kits, cartridges, batteries, chargers/adaptors, and accessories. Their disposables are called “Fling.” If you smoke with White Cloud, think about earning back some of your vaping expenses by distributing these products.

Cartridges come in flavors such as lime and coconut, Snap (a menthol variety), and cinnamon. Kick is a mixture of cinnamon and honey, a warm combination. Flavors are available in Fling Minis and regular-sized disposables as well as in cartridge format.

Purchase single, 5-pack cartridge kits, or save about $10 by purchasing 10 cartridge packs of 5. You even get a sample cartridge and mini disposable in any flavor and strength you wish. They also have cartridges with a see through section, as you can see in our image, so you know how full they are, very cool!

The big issue regarding e-cigarettes is how powerful a brand’s batteries are. A rechargeable product is just a hassle if the consumer runs out of charge too quickly. Looking at the most expensive White Cloud battery, the Cirrus 3X is also their longest-lasting battery. Each charge should give the consumer more than 600 drags. Charging the battery takes about 2 hours, a decent time period in comparison to other e-cig batteries.

Here’s the Cirrus Starter Kit:

White Cloud Cirrus Starter Kit

Select a brushed metal or white battery with a black, gray, or crystal tip (also chrome for the brushed metal variety). Each battery costs $29.95, so you would not want to lose it. When attached to your cartridge, the entire device will measure no more than 11cm.

Are you searching for an e-smoker’s birthday gift? White Cloud sells gift cards, adaptors, and cases for one or several cigarettes. Cases come in Italian leather, animal skin textures and prints (made from polyurethane), or basic clamshell styles. Try buffalo, crocodile, or shark “skin”; maybe gold, emerald or mauve. Each one holds batteries and/or cartridges in various configurations.

White Cloud Cirrus 2 Premium e-cigarette