Volcano Ecigs

Macadamias might not be Hawaii’s most popular exports anymore. Read this Volcano ECigs review for information about a hot product from America’s volcanic islands.

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Consumers deserve some sympathy as they try to make sense of reviews for Volcano e-cigs. Some are positive. Others are lukewarm. How can you know for sure if Volcano is a reliable brand that will please your palate?

Reviews have their place, but each person has an individual expectation of how much vapor they want and how long they need batteries to last for. If you see that some smokers could only keep a charge for half a day, they might be heavy smokers. If the vapor is weak, is this because their tastes are different from yours?

Use reviews to get an overall sense of the product, but let your own experience have the final say. The best way to do this is to start with the cheapest, simplest version you can find. This would be a starter kit.

The Magma is your simplest option. Each package comes with items which can be used for other purposes, so they are never wasted, even if you decide this brand is not for you.

Two batteries, five flavor cartridges, a mini USB cable, USB charger, wall adaptor, and a lovely gift box comprise this package. The box is a handy storage place. Each battery is topped with a red LED light.

Volcano Ecigs Magma Starter kit

Customers choose the cartridges they want and the strength of nicotine from what is available. On a side note, some companies choose just a few flavors from their list to supply with starter kits. In Volcano’s case, the customer is in full control.

Select light or full strength Waikiki Watermelon. Opt for a light Vanilla Bean. Kona Coffee comes in full and light strength varieties. Tobacco is available in zero, light, and full nicotine strength.

Volcano Ecigs Tobacco Cartomizers

The Lava Tube is an advanced electronic device for clients who have decided to stick with Volcano, but want to have even more control over vapor. They fill tanks with e-liquid from bottles for longer vaping sessions. Your tube tank starter kit comes with liquid from a list longer than that for e-cigs and with a wider range of strengths for each.

Your tube is the most important part because this is where the power comes from. Volcano has designed theirs to provide manual power in two modes. Wattage and voltage are variable and an LCD screen shows settings. This tube remembers which settings you usually use.

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