Vivid Smoke

While you shop at some e-tailers and electronic cigarette shops mostly for eGo batteries, starter kits, or vapor juice, Vivid Smoke specializes in selling tanks. They describe in detail what tanks are and the terminology used to identify them. Their line runs from affordable to the highly expensive styles. Vivid Smoke also carries eGo cigarettes and variable voltage devices.

Vivid Smoke Review

The highlight (and most expensive) item on their tank menu is a product from Affinity. Costing $40.49, this is not a starter tank. Usually, a good clearomizer costs around $10 to $14. This one is so expensive, however, because it is made of Pyrex.

Pyrex is not quite the same as glass and certainly better than plastic. It is reinforced glass, the kind you can drop on tiles, pick up, and use again without noticing cracks. No one would advise testing that theory, but when reinforced glass is needed (say for shopping mall windows or protective screens), Pyrex is the material used.

A 3.5ml version comes in clear or frosted Pyrex (frosted costs $5 more). Top and bottom caps are available in 10 colors.

As a comparison, consider a 6ml DCT tank: $11.99. An anodized DCT is $9.99, while the 6ml anodized DCT glass tank costs $12.99. As new vapers can see, Pyrex should come later when they are relatively confident about what they are doing. Maybe a vape stand would inspire confidence. Vivid Smoke sells them in black, blue, grey, white, or pink.

Look up a specific brand on sale at Vivid Smoke and your search will yield (among others) Aspire, Anyvape, Innokin, DBox, and Splash. That’s just the tanks. Then there are the batteries and wraps.

Wraps are made for Provari, eVic, and other models. Accessories also sold here would be charms, thread covers, and carrying cases.

Vivid Smoke carries Crystalized 3D Swarovski sleeves. They sell for $52.99: gift-worthy wraps bedecked in sparkly crystals and complementary ornamentation.