Is it possible that an e cig could really be good for you, without controversy or doubt? The world will not see that day for a while, if ever, but VitaCig is making an effort to convince the world that an electronic cigarette can do a lot of good with their line of supplement-laced products.

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VitaCig carries five flavors of disposable e cigs: Relax, Grace, Calm, Energize, and Refresh. Each of these has its own color (purple, yellow, orange, green, or white), contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and CoQ10. They are $5 each, provide up to 500 puffs, and most importantly, are nicotine-free.

Nicotine Free E Cigs

The idea of vaping without nicotine is not new. A lot of e hookahs are nicotine-free. Most disposable e cigs contain nicotine, but they are meant to represent tobacco and menthol cigarettes. A VitaCig is probably more like an e hookah anyway owing to the flavors created and their disposable format. They are all fruity.

Relax with Berries

An interesting mixture of blueberry and blackberry will apparently make you feel relaxed, like you could kick back and let go of everything. Other than fruit extracts (and there is no mention of chemicals, just fruit), this and every flavor contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and purified water.

Refreshing Mint

This is a minty flavor, like a mint to freshen your breath. Refresh contains distinctive flavors of peppermint oil, spearmint oil, and menthol.

Get Energized

Here you find another eye-catching blend, something you do not see often in e-liquids: grapefruit extract. Combined with orange extract and orange oil, this is supposed to give you a boost.

Amazing Grace

VitaCig wants you to look after your skin, so they are offering an e cig with collagen plus mint and light cherry. Collagen is responsible for keeping skin smooth and elastic, so the sorts of people drawn to this version for the VitaCig are likely to be women over 40.

Keep Calm and Vape On

Although similar in purpose to Relax, Calm VitaCigs contain Valerian, a natural anti-anxiety agent. With Matcha green tea and vanilla bean, this is like a sip of tea before bed when your mind is still spinning and you would otherwise lay away for hours.

VitaCig Review: Courting Investors

It is the intention of VitaCig owners MCig, Inc. to get more investors on board with the idea of e cigs as health supplements, not just smoking alternatives. Much of their website is dedicated to pitching the product (a pitch which is 2 flavors out of date, referring to just the first three) to would-be share holders.

If you read this page you discover that MCig already owns 49%, leaving plenty of room for others to come on board. VitaCig is not unique: IVG of Vaporfi fame has done something similar with the NutriCig, except that IVG’s product contains nicotine and they only carry 3 flavors.

That’s their platform at VitaCig: to promote a nicotine-free, vitamin-laced product which is not just an enjoyable replacement for cigarettes but is actually beneficial. In their opinion, when you take out nicotine, that puts an end to the question of whether e cigs are bad or good.

Unfortunately, this outdated overview from MCig fails to take into consideration the other concerns scientists have about using a metal cylinder to vaporize liquid and inhale it and any emissions this medium might create.

Granted, VitaCigs are made from stainless steel, but studies of e cigs are not conclusive. Only time will tell if removing nicotine is enough to make electronic cigarettes harmless.

Competition Component

Dr. Khary Bryan, the product’s creator, is a pharmacist. She knows better than most how effective natural ingredients can be in fighting common problems of dry or aging skin, sleeplessness, low energy, and more. She is also well placed to know how big the supplement industry is in the United States. If you can add a vitamin to something, it sells. Her association with the business gives it credibility. Being trendy does not make supplements wrong or bad for you. Consumers should simply approach any claims as to the efficacy and safety of a disposable vitamin-laden e cig with caution. VitaCig hopes to win over e cig and tobacco consumers.

The Confusing Part

Perhaps at some point VitaCigs were supposed to be rechargeable. Maybe the product can be purchased as a kit. All I know is that you learn they cost $5 each for a disposable product and there are deals for bulk orders, but later the FAQ section refers to a USB charger (as though these are rechargeable devices) and also mentions refills. They warn consumers not to use e-liquid as this might drip into the battery, suggesting cartridges can be refilled.

But VitaCigs contain e-liquid, or were they supposed to contain herbs? The FAQ section refers to loose leaf herbs, saying these and waxes are ideal for the VitaCig. Is the VitaCig supposed to be an herbal vaporizer or an electronic cigarette? For all that they hold in common, they are not the same thing.

I could be wrong, but would be willing to bet that there have been some changes to the format and formula from which the VitaCig was born. In the meantime, the company forgot to change their website so don’t look for too much guidance there. Just buy an e cig, use it, and recycle it. If marketing is anything to go by, the VitaCig is not intended to become a long-term replacement for regular cigarettes but a cheap way to get your vitamins and still enjoy a “smoke.”