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Finding information online about the Victory E Cig that is not on their website is difficult. One review site could hardly come up with anything, meaning either Victory users were not prolific or they had little to say for better or worse.

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Victory E Cig Review

It could also be that not everyone likes them, which always has a lot to do with the flavors of cartridges. Unfortunately, taste cannot be measured in the same way as battery power or even vapor volume. Everyone is so different this way. Two reviewers considered Victory Tobacco flavor authentic, and even their fruit cartridges lacked that cheap, chemical aftertaste familiar to consumers who try vaping fruits for the first time.

Vapor production is amazing for a little cigarette. These are the size of smaller cigs so the battery is small, yet vapor is great. How can this be? Technology is moving on and e cig innovators have some surprises up their sleeves.

At the end of the day, if you buy a starter kit from Victory you can always return it within 30 days if it is not your cup of vapor. This makes it seem like there is nothing to lose, and shipping is quick so that thirty days can start quickly. If you want to get a half-price kit, find a coupon code. To get a free kit, subscribe for monthly refills. These are two tantalizing ways to get started.

A starter kit comes with three chargers: car, USB, and wall. You need all of these as a vaper because, when you smoked, you smoked everywhere you could. A kit contains one battery and 6 cartridges. Prices used to be competitive, but the biggest complaint these days about Victory is that they are overpriced.