Vapor’s Choice

Looking for low cost e-cig products does not require a sacrifice: that is, price for quality. At Vapors Choice from Milford in Ohio, good quality juice is on tap plus a number of starter kits, parts, and accessories from Cigreat, and others.

You could choose Vapors Choice as your one place to shop for affordable products unless you become interested in unusual and high-priced mods with all of the gear they come with (RBAs, replaceable switches, springs, etc.) Until then, there is no reason to switch. Products are listed under their categories or as new, special, and featured items.

vapors-choiceVapors Choice Review

Vapors Choice carries 15 adapters and drip tips, 18 batteries in numerous sizes, and 29 clearomizers. They sell 12 types of starter kits as well as wire, wick, cases, and juice.

Pick up a cone to beautify a unit. Sometimes, two pieces work together but do not look exactly right, or top and bottom are different colors. A cone unifies aesthetics.

Kits for Starters

For beginners the best starting point, apart from mini cigs (not listed here) is an eGo or a 510 starter kit featuring relatively low battery power but more control than a mini cig.

Pick up a K200 kit, eGo Spinner, or an iTaste 134 (an advanced item when your confidence grows). The Cigreat kit is available as a KK King or QQ Queen. Several styles of eGo batteries fall under the starter-kit heading.

Clearomizers and Accessories

Clearomizers (clear tanks with atomizers attached) include the Asppire BDC Mini ViVi Nova or tank kit. A 2ml item costs $5.99, or $7.99 as a kit. Buy the 3.5ml kit/tank for $11.99 or $6.99.

An Apoloe C9 2mls is $8. Rotating drip tips are available. Cases cost $2.99 and up, which is an exceptionally low price, even for a soft case. You can keep returning to the site for purchases and just to check, but signing up for the newsletter ensures the latest news about Vapors Choice stock arrives before you start to wonder.


Vapors Choice makes 179 juice varieties, all of them USP-Grade and blended to order. $14 buys 10mls of a sweet, tobacco, or fruit flavor.

Most examples are familiar: the usual fruits, drinks, and tobacco styles. A few uncommon sorts are Hot Cocoa Marshmallow, Plum Pudding, French Vanilla Salt Water Taffy, Asian RY4, Caramel Cinammon Tobacco, and Cigar Passion. Brownie and Cinnamon Coffee Cake should awaken your taste buds. Rose Candy could send you to your garden, eager to ready your roses for spring.

The really fun flavors at Vapors Choice are their savory ones; the kinds you seldom associate with vaping, like cucumber and dill pickle.

Customize any juice you like with sweetener, added flavor strength, menthol (just imagine menthol and dill pickle), a propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio, and up to 24mg of nicotine per/ml.