VaporGod, as the name implies, is an online shop that sells premium quality Ejuice blends to get extra pleasure from your favorite ecig.

My preference for e-juice continues to be Vapor Zone, but your mileage may vary.  

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The shop has earned quite a reputation for its flavors because they are really authentic and are available in numerous different blends. Some of the best things about VaporGod are listed below:

Unusually Good

VaporGod has done a great job in creating several different blends of flavors. If you like experimenting a lot with flavors, you will find hundreds of different flavors on sale here. What make them really special is their unique and unusual blends like dill pickle, jalapeno and pickle flavors. If this caught your attention, wait until you visit their Ejuice section. The section has about over hundred different more unique an unusual blends.

Highest Nicotine Content

One of the best bits about VaporGod is that it allows you to buy flavors with Super high nicotine content. Normally you will only find blends with nicotine content set at a max of 20mg, but VaporGod is the only Ejuice vendor that ships flavors with a nicotine content as high as 30mg. So if you are really serious about throat hits, this is the place to go.

Perfect Blends

All customized flavors are created in VaporGod labs situated in the United States. They carefully blend the flavors with the right quantities. They even let you pick the content of VG when you are buying your favorite pick. For instance, if you like, you can go for either 95% VG content or pick from 10, 20, 40, 60 and 80% quantities.

Vapor Lab

If you don’t find a blend you are looking for on VaporGod, you are in luck. The Ejuice vendor also lets you create your own unique flavor by picking any three flavors and mixing them together. They let you combine three flavors with your choice of nicotine strength and VG content.