Vapor Zeus

There is a daunting array of products sold at Vapor4Life, perhaps too many for a customer who has never tried vaping before. Some reviews have been written by individuals that were completely new to e-cigarettes when they bought their first Vapor Zeus, but the average person would probably side-step this e-cig and go for either a smaller Vapor4Life product or another brand featuring analog-style looks.

Vapor Zeus by Vapor4LifeVapor Zeus by Vapor4Life

If you were a cigar smoker before vaping, there isn’t an issue. You are used to a wider mouthpiece and bigger profile.

The Vapor Zeus even comes in a cigar finish to mimic what you were used to. To make a Vapor Zeus taste like the real thing, order Smilin’ Special Cigar or Cuban Cigar e-liquid.

If the mouthpiece is a bit large compared to what you are accustomed to, customers make sensible recommendations like adding compatible drip tips with small ends.

Batteries supply 5 volts of power. Think about this: ordinary batteries typically supply 3.7 volts or 4.2 volts at best. A 4.2-volt battery is associated with powerful vapor. Imagine what a 5-volt battery could do with your e-liquid, especially in sizes indicated below. You could be lost in vapor.

Starter Kit

For about $90, the Vapor Zeus Starter kit contains a hefty selection of items: a USB charger and adapter, 30ml of e-liquid, and two batteries. There are three sizes of KR808D battery: 650mAh, 900mAh, and 1300mAh. Batteries like these make it all the more amazing that your e-cig is not enormous.

The package is customizable. Select battery size, color, and a flavor you want. You are not faced with a page of Vapor Zeus starter kits this way. After your battery dies (which could take a while), you have the choice to use automatic or dual-function Vapor Zeus batteries.

As you can see these are not analog-style mini cigs, though their design is similar because they do not feature clear tanks or several parts. Choose cigar-paper, black, blue, green, or magenta.

A menu of more than 100 flavors includes tobacco styles of juice as well as fruits, desserts, beverages, and menthol. Pick out a best seller (indicated by a star) or paddle your own canoe.

Two Smileomizers are included: blank tanks designed to be filled by the user. This is the best way to save money, choose flavors you like, and also reduce the amount of garbage going out to the curb.

Alternatives to a Vapor Zeus

Vapor4Life sells much smaller e-cigs like the Titan Slim and the King. They also make vaping pens such as Handle and eGo kits. In a way, then, Vapor Zeus offers middle ground.