Vapor Vortex

The website for Vapor Vortex is clearly laid-out so you know exactly where to look for products on your wishlist. Search by price, color, or category. Categories are the usual and necessary atomizers, clearomizers, batteries, mods, and liquid. Stock levels are good so what you want is probably available.

Vapor Vortex Review: Layout

Shipping at Vapor Vortex is a flat $7 for domestic orders. Most of the photos online are pretty clear with a few dark exceptions.

Have you ever wondered why a website retains your viewing history? Imagine you are looking for lots of products, unsure what to buy. Instead of having to bookmark each page or write the details down, all you do is review your viewing history. By clicking on an item you are taken directly to a previously-viewed page and details you read earlier.

Electronic Stock

Their stock includes the Innokin iClear 30 for $19.99 and an iClear 16 DCC for $16.99. Replacement coils for these units are $14.95 for 5.

Also on their list is the iTaste VTR ($119), Joye eCab ($51.99), plus other Joye and Kanger items. E Liquid comes from JVapes and Vapor Pimp as well as Vapor Vortex itself.

Juice from Vapor Vortex

All together, JVapes supplies 36 flavors. Vapor Vortex offers 12. Vapor Pimp is the maker of 7 items sold at Vapor Vortex.

Among JVapes types are Cinilla Coffee and Abbey Lane. The latter is a sour, fruity, and creamy offering in a 20ml bottle for $14.99. Nicotine comes in 0 to 24mg broken down into 5 levels. Vapor Pimp makes The Gingerbread Man and Ambrosia. Their logo is a leering skeleton.

Vapor Vortex introduces customers to a Horhcata which, for the uninitiated, is a drink popular in Latin American and Iberian countries which is made using one of several different ground items such as rice or almonds. Ten milliliters is priced $6.99, so this is one of the more reasonably priced e liquid brands around. Vapor Vortex bottles their juice in 4 nicotine strengths from 6 to 24mg.

Contacting Vapor Vortex

These are busy times for Vapor Vortex as they add another shop to their lineup, this one in downtown Phoenix. They are already open in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Sign up for the Vapor Vortex newsletter to stay connected with their latest products and news. Contact them by phone or email.