Vapor Solutions

From Monday until Sunday, Vapor Solutions brings electronic vapers products to help them start or continue vaping. Their stock includes a V2 Turtleship clone ($70) and DID Genesis ($35), both less common items. It also contains the iClear 30 ($20) and Kanger Pro3 ($25), familiar brand names. I would have to say their prices are slightly high, but here is a full Vapor Solutions review to chew on.

Vapor Juice Connoisseur Club

It’s almost as though Vapor Solutions imagines vaping as similar to wine drinking. You have probably heard of wineries running clubs where, for a monthly fee, members receive samples of new products and discounts not available to just anyone.

At Vapor Solutions, members play a monthly fee of $34.99 plus taxes and fees. They get three 30ml bottles of juice to try each month and attend regular meetings where they are served refreshments besides vapor. Their discount (on most products) is 15%. I love the community this creates and the creativity of such an idea. By default, every member has something in common.

Electronic Cigarette Juice

There are about 20 e juice companies represented at Vapor Solutions, such as the popular Space Jam ($12 per bottle) and other favorites, all high quality. Other names include Goony Goo with just one bottle, Lychee ($12) and 15 types of Cyber juice like Stripes (fruit gum) and Krunch Berries (Captain Krunch plus berries) for $12 also.

Leaf V costs $22. One of their flavors is Groovy: guava and green tea. Ratchet contains raspberry Chai tea. Their nicotine levels are only 0, 3, and 6mg. At Cyber and Goony, you get just 0, 6mg, and 12mg.

Positive Attitudes

The average customer visiting the Vapor Solutions store in Fullerton, California, has nothing but positive comments to make. They like the relaxed atmosphere, knowledgeable service, and having someone to rebuild their atomizers for them.

There is a teaching station where consumers are also able to learn this skill. Employees are so welcoming and patient that several individuals indicated they would drive half an hour just to shop at Vapor Solutions, even though there are many vape shops where they live.

Only a few clients felt that the attitude was too relaxed. These people felt they were not quite cool enough for Vapor Solutions, though they admired the quality of what Vapor Solutions carried.