Vapor Renu

Although I dislike names that mess with proper English spelling, I like the idea behind the name Vapor Renu. Turning to vaping as opposed to smoking is a chance at renewal; a re-start; a do-over. Renovate your lifestyle with this Vapor Renu review.

Shipping Niggle

I have to get this out of the way: shipping is only free for orders of $150 or more. That is way beyond what I usually see. $50 is great; $75 is good; $100 is okay: $150 is the highest I have seen.

The Business

While trying to gauge the size of this business with its online chat and Monday-to-Friday customer service hours, I was pleasantly surprised to read their e juice customization form. This suggested that, whatever their size, Vapor Renu is innovative and plans to grow much bigger.

Customers are usually given a few options, such as flavor, nicotine strength, perhaps flavor strength, or the addition of menthol. Vapor Renu offers customers the option to add a caffeine energy blend that slightly sweetens the juice and adds another addictive substance to the mixture. You can jazz up juice with vitamins such as B12, C, or Milk Thistle.

Nicotine goes right up to 36mg. Imagine taking a puff of Cherry e juice with Vitamin B12, 36mg of nicotine, and Caffeine: you would be certifiable.

If you want the warmth of nicotine without the drug itself, ask for the nic substitute: capsicum. This is warm but not addictive.

Select a propylene glycol blend, a vegetable glycerin juice, or a blend of both. Anyone who has explored this business long enough knows it is important to have a choice.

There are 11 PDF pages of juice flavors. A selection includes traditional tobacco, French Pipe, and RY4, 5, or 6. Puff on merlot or cherry juice; absinthe or a mojito.

Vapor Renu sells parts for vapers such as pipettes, bottles, syringes, and other DIY equipment. Go to Facebook or Twitter to communicate with the owners/operators of the business and also to connect with customers who like Vapor Renu products.