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If you are a military veteran or currently serving in some branch of the Armed Forces, you will feel right at home at Vapor Planet in Florida. They make it clear in every way they can: members of the military are respected and honored, and images from their store show some customers in uniform browsing the selection. It is a message stamped all over the company’s website and Facebook page.

For instance, in our review we have seen more than once a picture came up on Facebook showing that members of the military receive a discount at Vapor Planet. They carry B.R.V.: Bottled Ready to Vape, a project of Vape a Vet founder Will Cohen. Using his 9 flavors of juice as a fundraising vehicle, Cohen aims to bring starter kits to members of the military whether they are actively serving, retired vets, or civilians waiting at home for loved ones on duty. His juice is lab-grade, high-quality, and bottled in brown glass.

VaporPlanet.comProducts at Vapor Planet

Top brands are represented: Innokin, Aspire, Provari, and Starbuzz, for instance. Purchase an iTaste Express Kit, Nautilus tank system with adjustable airflow, a beautiful but expensive V3 Flip, or Kryptonite Tanks.

Other juices include Uncle Junks, Space Jam, Cosmic Fog, Mad Mike’s, and Cuttwood (top-rated juices that don’t come cheap). Come into one of their stores for juice sampling using disposable drip tips on supplied eGo batteries. The atmosphere is supposedly relaxed (it depends on whom you talk to) so that you can sample without feeling rushed or pressured to buy anything.

Choose the eVic by JoyeTech, K200, H.A.M., Hades, or AR (an American mod). From descriptions online I can’t say if these are genuine devices but I suspect as much.

Usually they are, unless otherwise indicated, so come prepared to tie a splint to your credit card. Mechanical mods and associated rebuildable atomizers/dripping atomizers are priced three times as much as clones by HCigar or Youde atomizers.

This business has an up-market feel about it. Some would say their prices are high: at least a few reviewers have reported as much. Some of their affordable products are disposable e cigars and e hookahs which new vapers use to get started, but which seasoned vapers also love for traveling and to give as gifts.

I imagine drip tips and accessories are generally expensive items (you can pay $25 for a drip tip and I can’t imagine Vapor Planet carrying $2 tips), although the website is not too helpful on this score. Online shopping isn’t an option so much of their stock does not show up on this site.

Instead they show pictures of beautiful women and tough men vaping and some images without descriptions or prices.

Reviews of Vapor Planet by Customers

Like sardines, you either love Vapor Planet or hate them. If a customer did not give this business a 5-star review it was a 1-star review. Clients occupied completely opposite ends of the spectrum, stating that staff were helpful, friendly, and the atmosphere was relaxed or bemoaning the snobbishness and total lack of customer service they experienced.

It could be that the atmosphere at their Navarre store differs from that of Fort Walton Beach (a new store will open in Crestview soon). There might be legitimate attitude problems from staff and/or customers. Possibly, certain clients are personal friends, or maybe people spend too much time comparing their favorite shop with the competition.

It’s always tough when there is such a strong divide between customers to say which way the wind is blowing. It looks like this husband-and-wife team is doing well with or without five-star reviews. Their Facebook page gets lots of hits and they keep it updated regularly. Vapers keep coming to Vapor Planet even with all those other vape stores to choose from in Florida.