Vapor Nine

Although this is a Vapor Nine review, it is also a New Leaf review which is the company’s new name. If you wanted to buy a case with the V9 logo, just hold on for a while. That logo is going to change. Right now V9 logo style makes me think of Channel Nine or any other local U.S. channel. It is an announcement, but so is “New Leaf,” as in the kind you turn over when you quit smoking.

V9 makes two Nebula starter kits: the Express blister pack and a basic starter kit. The first is $19.95 (a good price for the express) while the second starts at $44.95. I say “starts at” because you can add extra pieces like a case or upgrade to a Monster Chrome battery instead of a colored regular battery.

Color choices are orange, white, black, and blue. The original price gets you the expected two batteries, 5 cartridges, USB and wall chargers, as well as a nice box to put it all in: no good or bad surprises.

Next in line is their Amp XL starting at a low price of $34.00. The price goes up if you choose more accessories to go with it or increase the size of your battery. I cannot say I like this shopping feature. It is easy to get confused and order stuff at an extra price unwittingly. You should notice the price is a bit high at the checkout, but would you notice with a large order?

The eGo style 650mAh is ample to start with. Heavy vapers will choose 900 or 1300mAh. The kit is available in shades like Tactical Black, Bubblegum Pink, and Sand Trooper.

Here’s a new idea: a 105% money back guarantee. If the gear looks better than it performs, V9 returns your money plus 5%. Ratings suggest you will keep your e-cigs.