Vapor Nation

Vaporizers have modernized the exotic and low-tech hookah in multiple ways, providing varied power sources and numerous innovations. The industry can seem complicated to a new customer. In this review, learn why Vapor Nation is a good place to start your experience with vaporizers.

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vapornation.comA Few Introductions

The website appears to have been created with newbies in mind. A big portion of the home page is set apart for people in need of a buying guide. Click on the link to see step-by-step instructions for choosing a product.

The site is used by individuals from North America and Europe so set your currency to American or Canadian dollars or even to Euros. A single complaint is that a lot of information is crammed onto the page. This could be cleaned up to attract nervous online shoppers.

Choosing a Vaporizer

Once you have a basic idea of what sort of machine is right for you, go to the headings which break up products by brand, popularity, price, and type. Digital, Forced Air/Balloon, Whip Style, and Portable are four “types” to choose from. Remember that popularity is subjective and not necessarily a measure of what you will be comfortable with.

Vaporizers listed at Vapor Nation, among others, are Arizer, Vapir, Palm, Davinci, Easy Vape, PUFFiT, Volcano, Pinnacle, and more. Some of those are models; others are brands.

The PUFFiT and Palm are portable types. The Volcano sits on a table. Digital models allow you to set temperatures to precise values in Celsius and/or Fahrenheit. Non-digital models heat up then indicate they are ready when an LED light shines a certain color. Portable devices are discrete. Desktop models will be focal points for every visitor.

Product Categories at Vapor Nation

Once you select a vaporizer, learn where to find replacement parts, optional accessories, and their importance as far as maintenance or enjoyment are concerned. These are items like whips, wands, chargers, screens, and batteries. Cleaning packages enable you to thoroughly look after your device so it will continue working efficiently for a long time and not overheat or create tainted vapor or a fire risk.

Grind your Herbs

Usually, your herbs have to be ground fine before you start vaporizing. Grinders come in several styles such as wood, acrylic, and metal. A metal grinder could cost as little as $14 and up to $30 for a two-piece article (they come in 4-piece and 5-piece configurations also). A pocket-sized card for portable grinding is $9.49. Wood grinders are priced from $5.99 to $39.

For fun, consider a grinder watch which functions as both for $29.99 and comes in green, white, or black. It would be a lovely gift for someone seeking a portable grinder but wishing to hide its purpose. Even though the majority of customers purchase vaporizers for use with essential oils or aromatic plant materials, they carry the stigma of association with marijuana smokers.

You might not need to purchase a grinder at all. You get a free one if you order a vaporizer.


If you purchase a device powered by a rechargeable battery, do not forget to buy the charger to go with it. Vapor Nation sells devices suitable for North American users and European or Australian customers. All three groups use a different voltage.


One of the toughest parts about vaping is finding a company that sells essential oils and herbs. Vapor Nation only carries one herb, red clover, for $3.69 per ounce. The real assortment is among oils, which vary in price according to type and bottle size.

Select eucalyptus, lime peel, or geranium. Choose Sleep Ease, spruce, or another aromatic oil. As you can see, vaporizers are frequently chosen for their ability to permeate an environment with scents that encourage sleep and relaxation.

Customer Service

The association with cannabis is why vaporizers from Vapor Nation are shipped discretely. This firm from Southern California has won awards for customer service and is BBB-accredited. They can be contacted by phone toll-free, are available for live chat, and also post videos to instruct customers on the basics of using their products.

For individuals selecting vaporization over smoking, the complexities are daunting. Although they are killers, cigarettes are easy by comparison. A vaporizer can become just as easy with instruction and a positive purchasing experience.