Vapes Of Wrath

Vapes of Wrath sounds and looks like the sort of place an artistic person would love to visit. Maybe Steinbeck would have found inspiration between its walls, where the atmosphere is like that of an art gallery or fashionable wine bar/lounge.

Vapes of Wrath Shines

Every Vapes of Wrath review I read says that customer service is fantastic. Clerks are not only well versed in the workings of electronic vaping devices, but they are also happy to share their knowledge without being condescending. They drop everything for their customers, preparing equipment and juice so they can try even if they have not brought their own electronic devices. Maybe great service is one reason they are a bit on the pricey side.

Where Vapes of Wrath Falls Short

One area Vapes of Wrath customers grumble only slightly about is that their stock is not great. Some stores carry just about everything and they rarely run out. Vapes of Wrath carries relatively few items. Some, like the Chi You, are luxury mods at $225. Others, such as Smoktech’s eLuv at $25, are affordable.

Website images are great. There is a problem, though: I want to read more about the gear. It’s wonderful that staff can explain it all to me, but I don’t live in Long Beach, California.


Brands of e liquid at Vapes of Wrath include ONE UP, Vapecliq, Space Jam, and Mastermind. Blueberry Pineapple Champagne from ONE UP costs $12 for 15ml of 50/50 juice in 0, 6, 12, or 18mg strength. They also make a tasty sounding Churros and Ice Cream. Conjure by Mastermind is a sweet blend of berries. 30mls costs $22 and Mastermind goes up to 24mg.

Fancy by Vapecliq is a strawberry menthol blend priced the same as ONE UP with the same range of nicotine strength. There is also a Suit & Tie from Fancy that is only described as “Tobacco Flavored.” That doesn’t say much when there are so many kinds of tobacco out there. Bottles from each brand are like wine bottle labels, like you would see at a cocktail lounge.