VaperTec Review

Vapers in Boise are lucky compared to most vapers in Idaho. It’s not like there is a vape shop on every corner, but in Boise selection is pretty good. VaperTec is one of the city’s several options, open Monday to Sunday. Drop by and see what sales are on and what new products are on the shelf.

A Warm Welcome

The team will greet you with big smiles and a helping hand. So far, clients can only say great things about their reception by staff. There is no pressure to buy anything or to upgrade to expensive gear. They fix devices for clients, still without nudging them towards purchases. You can try juices, service is great, displays are tidy, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Images show a professional, clean environment.

VaperTec Review: the Products

Their selection is relatively standard and you can’t ask for more. Vape stores might choose lesser-known brands just for the sake of being different, but a lot of customers just want to play it safe. They know what to expect from Vision, Smok, Kanger, et al.

There are a few unexpected products which are not well described either, but I get the feeling employees welcome your questions. Kits like a double or single eGo come with the CE6 reusable Stardust tank and 900-mAh batteries. Prices are good: $59.99 for two full e cigs and chargers. When you select an item, the website will automatically propose related items you might be interested in. I appreciated the guidance.

An Indulgence kit costs the same as the double eGo and comes with an engraved tube mod, but this is one of those times when VaporTec could enlighten online readers about their product. The mod looked exotic, but I couldn’t tell much about function from the image. An Empire KeCig K100 mechanical kit is another of your beautiful choices.

Tanks at VaperTec

A roll call of fine names includes the Smok UDCT, Kanger ProTank, Vision, and Stardust products. You know what to expect from these brands.

Accessories for Many Situations

I can see the “accessories” section being popular at Christmas, thanks to their variety of items, some practical and some pretty. A beaded lanyard for $14.99 would be lovely for the feminine vaper who has everything. Several colors of car chargers are designed to coordinate with every car interior. Designer hard shell and leather cases aren’t necessary, but they sure look nice and make excellent gifts.


VaperTec sells a house juice, Halo, Vaper Crane, Pink Spot, and Flavorz by Joe. Although these are quality selections, it’s interesting that VaperTec avoided ostentatious names with higher price tags. Many vapers would agree that Halo is just as good as Space Jam, but it’s a lot cheaper.

VaperTec flavors are Fun, Fruit, or Tobacco styles. Don’t try to narrow your selection as this leads to an empty link: just browse the whole selection which isn’t long: maybe 60 flavors. VaperTec’s own line includes styles like BananaRama, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Lemon-Limey in strengths from 0 to 24 mg by 6-mg increments. A 10-ml bottle is $7.99 — a lot, but 15 ml is just $10.99 and $17.99 buys a 30-ml bottle, which is great value. Juice is blended in clean rooms without water or alcohol.