Vapers in Georgia will love entering Vaperite. Their big bright shops in Atlanta and Woodstock beckon you forward with their warm colors and casual atmosphere. Step up to the organic vape bar, like a customer at a coffee shop. Try a few flavors before choosing one (or several) to take home and share with friends (or to hog for personal enjoyment).

Vaperite Review

People are what make or break a store: real people running a business and developing or buying products; customer service which makes patrons feel important. I felt like flying to Georgia just to meet these people whose faces are pictured on the company website with short, often funny personal bios. I got a warm and fuzzy feel about these individuals, as though they are more like family than staff. In fact, I would love to work with them all. They look so happy.

The company began in the owner’s basement. Learning about him and his team made me want to root for their ongoing success.

Organic Vapor

Kona cream, cotton candy, and a choose-your-flavor cheesecake were some of the juices on the menu, which is pretty substantial. Organic vapor is not as common as the usual stuff, meaning Vaperite attracts a niche audience as well as everyone else who, like me, is attracted to the people. Their juice has won awards.

Sale Items

At the time of writing, Vaperite had items like DC cartomizer tanks, Smoktech Pyrex DCT and ViVi Slim/ViVi Nova 2.8ml tanks.

Also for Sale

Besides discounted products, Vaperite sells a Dual Battery Kit, Gift Kit, and Twist Kit. I was especially intrigued by the Gift Kit, which is designed to be given to someone as motivation to quit smoking. It comes with an eGo 650 battery in stainless or black, is packaged in a gift tin, and Vaperite adds a sample of liquid. The entire package costs just $24.99. Adding juice is a wise gesture of good will.

Contact Vaperite

To get in touch with the people at Vaperite, pick your method. Call them during the hours listed at a retail outlet. Email them. Go to one of their shops. Talk to these knowledgeable people who are dedicated to vaping. They want to bring vaping to ex-smokers because several of them have quit smoking with the help of e cigarettes.