Reading results on a webpage that is beautifully laid out with professional photography is like visiting a virtual art gallery. In this case, the art is all industrial: like Steampunk just for vapers. Yes, this caught my attention and made me want to love VapeRev. Visitors enjoy visiting the store, but they make a note of saying how elegant and high-end it appears to be.

Expensive Stuff

Then again, I like my house and wouldn’t want to mortgage it for a mod. I have never seen anything so expensive in this market before: $1,000 to $3,000 Otto Carter mods. Think of Paris Fashion Week, but in metal. They’re beautiful, undoubtedly limited edition, but how much better can vapor be just because you spent a month’s wages on it? It won’t be better, but you’ll look fancier while puffing.

I won’t let this VapeRev review get carried away with the boutique, custom-made items. In fact, let’s forget about those for a moment and turn to affordable kits like the iTaste MVP V2 or eRoll: both are sold for $65. A Joyetech eGo Twist sells at $30 with a 900mAh battery. The site classifies this under “kits,” but I don’t see extra pieces; just the battery in pink, silver, blue, or black. $30 is fine.

A Rev 510 sealed atomizer offers 1.7ohms. The Flow Laser 510 cartridge in short or XL sizes is available here, 5 for $8 to fit into tanks.

VapeRev carries eleven brands of vapor liquid. I guess it is hard to decide. Every month, it seems a new one joins the online roster. I took a look at Plume Room’s amber-colored Honey Fig. This is a tobacco blend in a glass bottle costing $8 for 10mls and comes in 0 to 24mg.

The price is fine for high quality juice: don’t buy cheap stuff unless your taste buds are not especially sensitive. That can be a good thing, meaning inexpensive juice tastes good for you. For those of us with super high expectations, cheap juice is a waste of money.


The menu of RBAs (Rebuildable Atomizers) is fairly long. Just three of them come from Atmistique, Atmizoo, and Stattqualm. Get to know them here. Also available is an internal switch assembly for $25 to fit the Atmizoo Roller Dingo. I don’t see that everyday, but DIY experts must love it when they discover the end of a switch does not spell the death of their mod.


What does this stand for? I’m not sure. Under this heading are only three items: t-shirts.