Vape Underground

Do not feel you have to dig a hole to try vaping. It’s not an underground occupation, at least not anymore. There was a time when people thought electronic vaping pens were some weird tool for getting high, and probably lots of people use vaporizers that way, but electronic cigs are another thing entirely.

Vape Underground welcomes the ex-smoker who is now a current vaper or wants to give it a try. If you want to know more about what vaping is or expand your knowledge to include RBAs and RDAs while also trying lots of flavors, visit this relaxed e-cig shop.

vapeunderground.comVape Underground Review

You’re in California again, where a lot of the best nicotine juice is made. You landed in Temecula this time to enjoy an hour at one of the hottest vape shops in the area.

They sell drip tips, variable voltage/wattage items, mods, and loads of juice. The brands on their shelves include Joye, Innokin, Tesla, and Smok. They sell juices by Virgin Vapor, Pink Spot, and Epic Vapors.

That’s just a selection, not the full menu. Find Totally Wicked, Provape, Buffalo Dump, Uncle Junk’s, USmoke, and others. New items keep coming in so that list could be growing as you read.

Vape Underground Online

Their website is just a marker; a place to find directions, see what brands the shop carries, and get you interested. On the site, you see that they carry more than 150 flavors. Use this page to link you directly to Vape Underground on Twitter or Facebook. They do not offer online sales.

Commercial Welcome

Vape shops, admittedly, are businesses. One must presume that the manager hopes to make a profit, at least enough to pay overheads, his own bills, and a few staff members so he does not have to work every day.

Yet, some shops give you the impression that you could just hang out and they would be cool with that. Depending on who you talk to, Vape Underground could be one such place.

Maybe pick your time carefully so it is not too busy and you have to forego a cheery welcome. During laid-back periods of the day, you can take your time trying flavors and even sampling mods.

They open late on Fridays and Saturdays and also operate the rest of the week. Stay for a coffee even if you are only visiting with a vaping spouse or sibling. Wi-Fi is free too, just in case your sister wants to try every flavor.

The Shop

Pictures of Vape Underground show that it is not underground. I pictured a store located in the basement of some shop, or perhaps below ground level, down some steps, hard to find. Some of the best clubs are accessed this way, but Vape Underground is no club, and theirs is a well lit shop.

Purchase everything you need for vaping in one place. Customers call it a “one-stop shop.” That goes for new vapers as well as experienced hands. Don’t be shy: just tell them if you have never vaped before. They’ll have something behind the counter by Totally Wicked, Apollo, or Joyetech that is easy to use.

Prices are pretty good in spite of their being brick-and-mortar. Sampling is free: try a bunch of flavors while you are in the neighborhood. Their selection leans toward the better juices.