Vape Squad

This Vape Squad review is not about a company that sells electronic cigarettes. The Vape Squad website is an e cigarette news and reviews site. This is where electronic cigarette consumers go to find out what is good in the vaping world, products to avoid, and the latest news in their industry. It is not sponsored by any manufacturer.

Human Bias

Writers share their views with a decided bias. Interviewers are named and pictured with humorous bios: they are real people writing their own opinions. There is tons of personality in each review for an enjoyable read every time.

University of Joyetech

A fun feature of the Vape Squad page is their University of Joyetech. I thought this would feature educational articles from Joyetech about electronic cigarettes, but it is actually education about Joyetech. Read the timeline to see how quickly things in the industry have changed already.

Authentic Reviews

When you want to know about a mod, juice, or eGo cigarette, this is the place to come. If the Vape Squad has not reviewed a model or brand, perhaps wait until they do before deciding to buy it or give it a wide berth.

So far they have talked about e liquids by Astro, Vaperite, Set Down Delight, Voodoo Juice, and more. Vape Squad talks about the brand and describes individual flavors. Their writers and vapers have considered RBA atomizers and Clearomizers, deciding to recommend or pan various items.

Vaping Information

This website is given over to everything relating to the electronic cigarette industry, whether it has to do with business, health, gossip, politics, or media. If a celebrity has done something newsworthy relating to vaping, it will end up on the page.

Questions relating to the basics of e cigarettes are also covered here. Visit Vape Squad to find out what vaping is and how to use your purchases that just came in the mail.