Vape Dudes

The best thing about Vape Dudes is that the company makes its own juices at a lab in Dallas, Texas. When they say their goods are American made, they can give you an address for that statement. On their “about us” web page, it says that this small company is growing, and with their award winning products it is easy to see why.

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What are their juices like? You have to try them yourself to know; reviews are seldom helpful owing to personal taste. As for selection, the menu is mouthwatering whether you prefer menthol, tobacco, or unusual flavors.

Reviews (if there are any) are listed right below each flavor and it is reassuring to see they are not all 5-star ratings. I am always suspicious of those.

A bottle of Bavarian Cream e liquid (think donut) costs $5.99 for 10mls with 0, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg, or 24mg of nicotine. Flavor strength is also customizable and you can select a pg/vg ration. Although pure propylene glycol is an option, vegetable glycerin goes up to 95% maximum. Customization is critical: you might dislike a flavor until you tweak it.

Other flavors combine fruits, add a bit of honey, or are reminiscent of a fruit-topped cheesecake. Categories are the eBakery, drinks, fruit, coffee, ice, tobacco, and Flavor of the Month.

Vape Dudes wants you to start vaping their juice right away and have the hardware to get you going. They sell mods and tanks, including Boge tanks. Some of their prices are exceptional, but always look around. Ming style and pawn style drip tips are sold here in many glorious colors.

Pick up an eGo-C system for $20 on sale (regularly $44.99, which is still good) with two 650mAh batteries, 2 atomizers bodies, 5 atomizer heads, USB and wall chargers, and a pouch. Shipping is a flat rate of $3. Customers come first, so you will always be treated with respect by the Vape Dudes team.

A visually interesting feature at the bottom of their web page is that all viewers can see where other viewers at any given time are located. I felt connected to a network of consumers across the globe, literally, as I browsed their site.