Vape Dojo

At Vape Dojo, customers are treated well. They can try a vapor flavor before they buy it and be sure it is made at the Vape Dojo lab. They are not just American-made e liquids: they are made by Vape Dojo, and they stand behind their products. Know the juice is high quality every time.

The Theme

A Dojo is a place where people practice martial arts. The entire website carries this theme with ninja images and an Asian calligraphy font. They call their vapor producers “Samurai Masters.” One of their starter kits is called a “katana”: a type of Ninja sword.

The Vapor

Customers are not limited to soy sauce and rice vapor, however, but will see a long menu of exotic and standard flavors, some to try later and others which will become firm favorites today. There are more than 50 of them to browse.

Blue Buckaroo is a blueberry RY4. Ecto Cooler is reminiscent of Hi-C, but its picture appears to be that of “Slimer” from Ghostbusters. All pictures are designed to look like they were painted with water colors on old rice paper, even Candy Cane. Dragon Fruit and Tabacco Jutsu suit the tone of their site a lot better, yet I was enchanted by the style and attention to thematic detail. Flavor strengths are 0, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. The cost for 5mls is $2.99.

Visit in Person

Your Vape Dojo review can start with a personal visit to one of their locations: Elliot City, Maryland, and Harrisonburg, Virginia. Maybe they only have two locations today, but their Samurai could one day take over the east coast. Review show staff care about their customers.

Visit Online

A convenient shopping experience starts with a comfortable chair, laptop, and a credit card. Vape Dojo accepts Discovery, Visa, and Master Card. Though it is easy to spend more than you planned when looking at attractive e cigarettes, prices here are reasonable.


Staff will help you choose a starter kit if you are new to vaping. Their choice will take into consideration how much you used to smoke and your comfort level with electronic products. Beginners are usually pointed towards the Kanger Evod Starter kit for $34.99, which is staggeringly low. You get two batteries, two clearomizers, 5 bottom coil replacement heads, and two chargers (wall and USB).

A Kanger Mini Pro Kit 2 Starter Kit comes with 4 coils, two glassomizers, and two batteries for less than $60. I would love it if Vape Dojo would throw in 5mls of juice with their kits, but they are well priced nonetheless.

Right below a selection you will see reviews for that product. Vape Dojo appears to have gone with Kanger because consumers like it. Being vapers themselves, perhaps it is a favorite of the owners.