V-Apes is more than just an electronic cigarette business. The company encourages vapers in San Gabriel, California, and nearby to be part of a community by running events. For instance, join a cancer charity fundraiser, comedy night, and attend an e juice showdown. While this is not relevant to a V-Apes review, keep in mind the fun you could have by returning to their website periodically.

Huge Selection

There are loads of items every vaper needs when they go shopping online. They expect to find rechargeable batteries, chargers, juice, starter kits, and accessories. Everything from eGo Collars to wick by the foot is present, and pricing can compete with other heavy-hitting websites.

RBA conventional tanks like the AGA T2 by Youde cost $35. An iSmoka Mega BCC is $10. Buy a Cyclone RBA Dripping Atomizer by Viscious Ant for $80. A lot of companies make up a little bit for low prices by charging for shipping up to $50 or $100, but you just have to spend $25 to get that for free at V-Apes.

Amusing Drip Tips

The drip tips here are such fun just to look at, even if you don’t need to buy any right now. Come back to their drip tip page when you need a gift for someone. While the tips aren’t frighteningly expensive, they aren’t cheap either. Examples are Bones, Alien, Bunny, and Bullet; Whistle, Colossus, and Pineapple. Many are metal tips.

E Liquid Menu

Juices sold here include Clouds of Icarus from the Philippines, Trolle, Spanish Fly, and Vape Addicts. Just two juices by C of I are featured: Candy Laine and Ice Patriot, which is blueberry and candy mixed. 10mls sells for $10. For $15 get 20mls of Trolle Day & Night, a mix of cantaloupe and kiwi.

You will notice that V-Apes has chosen to sell some cheaper stuff, but Uncle Junks and Alchemist are high quality. Customers have a choice: focus on budget or good vapes.