Underdog Customs

Underdog Customs from the Philippines is known the vape-world over for its amazing mods. They look wonderful and cost a fortune, but they could be worth the investment. Underdog Customs performs well and is solid. Read this Underdog Customs review to find out more.

Underdog Customs VS the Competition

Some of the competition Underdog Customs faces includes Anti-hero Customs, Madz Mods, and Dragon Puff. Although these names are not as widely seen on e-tailers’ catalogues, that is only partly due to preference. High-end modifiable vaporizers are designed for advanced users only, cost quite a bit of money, and are not easy to keep in stock.

Low Stock

Products like the Trident and Fuse Hybrid (both by Underdog Customs) are made in small batches. Customers are given the heads-up about them on Facebook and other social media for a while before they come out, creating tremendous anticipation. Clients set their feet into the starting blocks and launch themselves at Underdog Customs, ready with their $150 to $200 to purchase whatever is next.

Mods by Underdog Customs

The Fuse V1.5 is a new version of a recent favorite. It is a Hybrid, which in this case means it features both parts of the vaporizer in one unit. You get the battery tube and the atomizer all in a single device that can be deconstructed so as to clean and rebuild the atomizer.

For around $180, the Fuse Hybrid comes with brass rings that can be removed. This leaves you capable of using a smaller battery (18490). With the rings attached, add an 18650 battery. At one end is the dripping atomizer; at the other is a firing button flush with the bottom.

A Trident Mechanical Mod is cheaper, but does not feature a dripping atomizer, so it is more expensive overall. This one is beautifully engraved with the Trident symbol near a top side button. Like the Fuse, it is two-toned: food grade stainless steel and bronze. The Trident is built for use with an 18650 battery only.