True Vapor

This is a review of True Vapor, based on what they sell and how customers perceive them. The business of selling e cigs is changing constantly so it pays to keep up. Your money will buy a lot more power and quality today than it did 5 years ago.

Residents of Harbor City, California, know True Vapor best as a family-owned e cigs store and lounge. Here they find wonderful service and knowledgeable employees. They also know it as the location to find a lot of juices. Most companies really only make a certain number of individual juice flavors, but how they blend them determines the final outcome.

Many tobacco mixtures contain fruit or other sweet influences. Lots of fruits are mixed together to yield mouthwatering results. Confectionery is a hugely popular e liquid category. All of these choices can be enjoyed with or without nicotine in a variety of strengths.

You have to buy products from the physical shop: there is no online shopping. The True Vapor catalogue is long. Pick up a starter kit from Penske, EZ Pen, Tesla, Match Fire, or a Lava Tube package. They also carry Kamry K200 ad K100 bodies, the Innokin iTaste, and the Bullet V1 and V1.5 from Jet Creations.

On the Mod side you have many Warhead Customs items to peruse. They all sound like weapons of mass destruction: the Missile, Nuke, Stealth, and Bomb.

Accessories include drip tips and rebuildable tanks for mods. Buy rotating tips for your Viva Nova.

TV presents a lot of juice for their customers to wade through. Bottles come from Vitamin Smoke, eGo, Monster, Lush, Fume Clear, Edz Modz, and High-Quality. Vitamin Smoke is unusual in that, while still created for vaping and in familiar sweet varieties, it contains Vitamin C, B12, Echinacea, and you can also add caffeine to your nicotine (or go nic-free). Lush is another popular choice of e liquid. Between them, these brands produce every juice combination you could want.