Totally Wicked E Liquid

Totally Wicked is a brand that provides electronic cigarettes and other products like e-juice.  Below is my full review.

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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Totally Wicked not only offers its own starter kits and disposable electronic cigarettes but also of other known and well reputed brands including:

  • Odyssey products
  • Tornado products including Tornado eGo-C
  • Joyetech branded products

Additionally, the company also offers its own e-cigs in starter kits such as the Totally Wicked eGo-T Starter pack, the Totally Wicked disposable e-cigarette and others.

Disposable E-Cigars

Disposable ECigars are also available at Totally Wicked for cigar lovers. One disposable e-cigar is available for $12.99. The cigars come equipped with a 1300 mAH battery and users can take 1800 puffs before they will have to dispose it off and get a new one.

E-Liquid And Flavors

There are four different flavors of e-liquid users can choose from including Red Label, Titan Fluid, Patriot Range and Original E-liquid. All the e-liquid is available in different nicotine variations (zero to high-3 percent).

Additionally, users can also mix their own e-liquid by combining nicotine, flavor concentration and the diluents, which is an added bonus as users can make an e-liquid that tastes exactly the way they want it to.

Totally Wicked E Liquid

Battery Life

The battery life of the electronic cigarettes depends on the type of e-cig you get and the battery it is equipped with. For example, if users get an eGo-style or variable voltage device available at Totally Wicked, they will perform better compared to the regular and low cost electronic cigarettes.

Totally Wicked offers many other products such as the e-pipe, the replacement coil systems, cartomizer systems, drip adaptors and others. People who are interested in getting the products can buy them directly from the company’s website and pay via Mastero, visa, MasterCard and Visa Electron.