After a short read of their “About Us” section at ThermoVape, I honestly wondered if I was smart enough to finish reading, let alone smart enough to use their products. This is a thinking man’s vaporizer and an intelligent company, at least where the initial premise is concerned. Their approach is to reach out and help people get healthy using the best quality products, though not the best looking ones.

I’m not sure if they have a business-minded approach. Will medical-grade ceramic vaporizers costing over $200 (and potentially closer to $500) sell when consumers can buy sleek metal mods for about the same price? These are early days for this small American company with big dreams.

ThermoVape Review

The makers of ThermoVape insist on making products that are safe, reliable, and pure. Materials for their construction must be free of elements that will cause harm and resistant to everything a user can potentially throw at it. Ceramics sound breakable, but in the form used here they are almost impossible to destroy.

You might come away wondering, as I did, why a ceramic chamber would need to withstand more than 1000° Ferenheit. The makers’ description put me in mind of fast road cars able to achieve speeds in excess of three times the legal limit. Why would you need either one?

Still, feel reassured: your ceramic unit is stronger than Pyrex and, according to ThermoVape, cleaner than glass.

Simple Cera

ThermoVapes’s main product is the Cera, an e cig or portable vaporizer as the consumer chooses. Its heating core can be replaced but is guaranteed for a year. The rest of your very expensive unit possesses a lifetime warranty. By pricey I mean $250 to $285 for the e liquid model, or $250 to $535 for an oil/wax or loose leaf model. The higher price is for a kit.

Lovely Luna

The Luna is coming soon and is currently being pre-ordered. It is an e cig made from medical grade ceramic, just like Cera, but for use with e liquid (propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin). It arrives with a cartridge, carbon sleeve, mouthpiece, and O-ring kit.

The kit also contains two 18350 batteries. Prices and pictures are not listed yet at ThermoVape, but by the standards set above you can imagine this will enter the $200+ category on e cig websites if it makes its way there at all.


Cartridges for e liquid, oil/wax, and loose leaf herbs cost around $100. Buy them for either the Luna or the Cera.