The Vapor Hut

Vapor Hut is more than just an electronic cigarette shack or temporary kiosk. This Oklahoma business provides structure to your shopping experience whether you shop online or prefer a personal approach. They run stores in Midwest City (which is also the location of their corporate office), Shawnee, Norman, Lawton, and Oklahoma City is home to their juice lab.

Visit Vapor Hut in Mobile Alabama too. If you live outside of these areas but are planning a special event, Vapor Hut will send their Vapor Hut trailer to your location upon request. The shop is open Monday to Saturday.

Online Vapor Hut Review

The website for Vapor Hut is gorgeous. Photos bring out the products beautifully and I can really see them. Their stock includes starter kits, high-end mods, parts, and accessories.

They sell tanks, clearomizers, wicks, heads, and RBAs. These are the essential pieces that comprise an electronic cigarette.


Vapor Hut’s 109 juices cost from $3 to $25 in 5ml bottles and larger:

  • Barb-E is bubble gum and white grape.
  • Apple Pie a la Mode is a taste of Sunday lunch. Beetle Joose blends raspberries and melon.
  • Buttered Apple puts a new spin on that favorite vaping fruit.
  • Try a candied version of watermelon.
  • Blackout is a mix of three dark flavors: black licorice, black berry, and black cherry.

Authentic Mods

Find your authentic Chi You mod here for a price between $225 and $250:

They have the Cyclone RD, JA-Victoria for $165, “Hero” from Calmodz, and the Immortalizer. JM Drips are expensive ($15 and up) and so are JM16 mods: $120+. The K101 Kit, Innokin MVP, and Innokin SVD are more affordable.

Vapor Hut charges reasonable prices for these items and carries enough selection so that you can own a limited edition item or a factory-made device produced cheaply in the thousands.

More about the Site

There are a lot of abbreviations and some strange jargon to wrap your tongue around when you first start vaping. Visit this site to learn more about Vape Lingo. Re-sellers can explore wholesale pricing options for selling Vapor Hut e-liquid.