The Vapor Emporium

Stop by The Vapor Emporium for all of your vaping needs: accessories, batteries, chargers, clearomizers, and more. They carry DIY items, RBAs, RDAs, regular atomizers, tanks, and mods. Purchase replacement parts and liquid at 4 The Vapor Emporium locations. Three are in Idaho: Nampa, Caldwell, and Meridian; the last is in New Market, Maryland. Customers can also buy products online.

TheVaporEmporium.comBrands at The Vapor Emporium

The Vapor Emporium carries recognizable, affordable, and reliable brands like Aspire, Kanger, JoyeTech, and Innokin; Smoke, Vision, and HCigar. Their e-liquid labels are also well known and manufacturers of their accessories are obvious choices. The Vapor Emporium doesn’t go out of its way to be different and that’s the way most vapers like it.

Kits for New and Experienced Vapers

An Innokin iTaste VV 510 with a charger and iClear 16 carries a $48.99 price tag. Their price for the eCab Kit by JoyeTech is $38.49. The box contains an atomizer cone and head, battery housing, rechargeable battery, cartridge, and a charging kit.

The Vapor Emporium has gathered items into their self-named blister pack for $24.95. You get a full e cig with a USB charger in one of 9 colors. Replace eGo batteries like the eGo from 650 mAh to 1100 mAh for the low price of $12.95 or the JoyeTech eGo C VV for a very competitive $27.95.

Clearomizers at The Vapor Emporium

They carry the Innokin iClear X.1 Pyrex for tank-cracking juices ($24.95). An iClear 16 is $6.25 and the Nautilus sells for $39.95. These are standard prices, as is $16.99 for a Kanger Unitank. The Vapor Emporium has organized their web page so that when you look up listings under a heading, a brief description is given below the item (customers learn more when they click on a product).

The Vapor Emporium Mechanical and Electronic Mods

The MVP Shine is a great deal: $54.95. Choose an iVape Tesla priced $89.95, which is not listed very often anywhere. Take advantage. An L-Rider Robust A (thicker than the iTaste VV V3.0) costs $34.99 or you can buy the Lambo ($41.99).

HCigar Mechanical Mods include the Penny Mod, Stingray, and Tree of Life. An authentic Smok-E Mountain Vanilla mod is $159.95 while the Tatroe Big Nasty is $139.95.

You can see why clones are so popular and will appreciate why The Vapor Emporium sells both clones and originals side by side: most people simply cannot afford to indulge their mechanical mod fantasies and many consumers object to the incredible price difference even if they could afford it. A V3Tronix Flip is formidable-looking and priced $249.99.


Select the genuine Innovape Patriot, a Youde atomizer from their extensive lineup, or one of several HCigar possibilities like the 3D Clone. A Genuine Tugboat costs $84.95. Parts for rebuilding these devices like wick and wire are on the menu plus a Smok Omnitester. I love Smok’s play on words: omni means “all” but will put you immediately in mind of “ohms.” The Omnitester measures ohms and volts.


Purchase new cartomizers, atomizers, coils, and atomizer heads. The Vapor Emporium sells to the full spectrum of e cig consumers so they stock a great selection.

E-Juice at The Vapor Emporium

While pricing is usually fair at The Vapor Emporium, I don’t like the cost of 10 ml of House e-liquid: $7.99. They offer a maximum of 24 mg and customers can choose the propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio. Two of their flavors are Cherry Bully (energy drink with black cherry) and Lemon Squeeze (cool citrus). The list is short, but you can also select Pieces of Eight, Space Jam, or Adam Bomb varieties.

The Vapor Emporium Review

On the whole, I would say prices are reasonable and selection is excellent. I didn’t notice a lot of issues with stock: messages saying products were out of stock or inviting customers to join a waiting list. This suggests the owner is aware of his customers’ needs and wants; that he has his ear to the ground and can predict what will be popular when.