The Vaping Rabbit

Don’t get The Vaping Rabbit and The Vaping Birdy mixed up. They share a few things in common, most importantly their quality and desirability in the vaping world. The Vaping Rabbit, however, was started by a woman with strong business experience which, when combined, led to an obvious extension into the making of e liquid. Seldom does someone arrive on the scene with a background that is so right for this kind of business.

TheVapingRabbit.comMeet the Vaping Rabbit

I do not know if Barbara Villegas (owner and operator) goes by this alias or why she chose the name, but The Vaping Rabbit is her third company. She started with a hookah lounge, opened a gourmet ice cream parlor then branched out into making e liquids.

So: even though in her picture Villegas looks too young to own a business even now, she has been at this sort of thing for almost a decade (since 2006). She sure has business acumen and experience which is more than can be said for many of the talented people who try to make a living from e juice.

The Vaping Rabbit Review

All of The Vaping Rabbit’s products are sold in glass bottles with wax-sealed caps. The wax is a precaution to show that lids have not been tampered with. It’s just like in the old days when a letter would be sealed and stamped to show where it came from and to prevent tampering.

Villegas and her team do all the work: hand-mixing, bottling, and labeling juices which are sold by vendors in California (lots of them), Texas (not as many, but more than most), Arizona, Kentucky, and Hawaii. Her bottles are in Virginia, Washington, and Pennsylvania. You will see them in Tennessee, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, and Missouri. Find The Vaping Rabbit in Georgia and Germany. She gets around, this rabbit, both in physical stores and online.

Alice in Wonderland Theme

This is not the first company to take a cue from Lewis Carroll’s famous children’s novels, and once again Alice has inspired greatness. Flavors include The Alice, The Cheshire Cat, The Hatter, The Pelican, The White Queen, and the White Rabbit. Buy directly from her site, 30-ml bottles for $18 with 0, 3, or 6 mg of nicotine. All of these flavors are dessert vapes.

The AliceCake

The Alice from The Vaping Rabbit is a blend of tres leches cake with a fruit glaze. The Cheshire combines pineapple/orange upside down cake with a brown sugar glaze.


One vape juice at The Vaping Rabbit was inspired by cookies. The White Rabbit tastes like shortbread with blueberries but also a creamy lemon frosting. Blueberries and lemons pair beautifully together.


I’m not talking about something sour; on the contrary, The White Queen’s flavor is a raspberry tart, but creamy. Raspberries are a little sour, but that’s not the abiding taste experience. There are several things going on to balance the finale.


There is a Mexican flan called the Napolitano found in multiple versions throughout the country and in Latin-American communities. Essentially, it’s baked custard made from eggs, canned milk, and vanilla. The Hatter is a custard vape essentially.


Do you like a sweet grape flavor? Maybe milkshakes are your thing, but prosaic blends of banana and strawberry are getting old? The Pelican tastes like a grape Mamba milkshake.

Impressions of The Vaping Rabbit

Where most companies are concerned, I feel a bit wary about hand-crafted techniques used to produce bottles. I fear there is too little concern with hygiene; that makers of these products think that washing their hands is enough to constitute a “clean” process. It’s not.

But Barbara Villegas has run two businesses, one of which concentrated on dishing up food. She has to be familiar with hygienic techniques and has probably submitted to checkups by regulatory bodies during that phase of her life. If so, she is well suited to the job of running an artisan e liquid business.

Also, I read that she uses steam distillation to create natural extracts (although I also saw that she uses some artificial flavors). The Vaping Rabbit juices are made with 99% vegetable glycerin, the only propylene glycol being in flavorings made by local producers. That 99% figure is wrong, though, because nicotine will take the place of some vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Competing with the Big Boys

I would like to imagine The Vaping Rabbit is ready to compete. This is a comparatively new company, but Villegas knows how to market. Her bottles are distinctively minimal, featuring the outline of a rabbit’s head made out of geometric lines. It’s sharp and eye-catching. All of her juices are dessert flavors, so how is this going to affect her popularity?

Well, dessert flavors are more popular among experienced vapers than tobacco anyway. She seems to be onto a good thing. I would love to see more specific information about her products (USP, Kosher, nicotine source?) and not from third parties. The Vaping Rabbit’s website would be the ideal place.