The Flavor Apprentice

Who is the The Flavor Apprentice? You, the customer, are the apprentice, in this case without a teacher. You know what tastes enjoyable, including combinations both simple and challenging. If all you want is for someone to give you the stuff so you can mix your own, this is where The Flavor Apprentice comes in. If you are looking for blending proportions and recipes, look elsewhere (you won’t have to look far).

The Flavor Apprentice Review: Product Diversity

The Flavor Apprentice is part of the Perfumer’s Apprentice, a company run by a mother-daughter team in Scotts Valley, California. Theirs is a small firm providing international and domestic online sales of flavors, bases, and accessories for DIY e-juice makers.

Take a look at their categories: menthol/mint, sweet/sour, tobacco, tea, soda, and liqueurs, chocolate and vanilla, coffee, fruits and vegetables, nutty, savory, and spices and floral items. They appear to carry every potential taste base, and not just for building DIY e-cig vapor juice. Customers also buy these products for baking and frosting or candy making. Ingredients are all food safe.

Under chocolate and vanilla, you find a variety of desserts and snacks. Popcorn and Horchata are listed here, plus pie crust, malted milk, and bittersweet chocolate.

The Sweet section includes Bubble Gum, Honey, Honeysuckle, and Molasses. Included among the spices and floral items are Jalapeno, Musk Candy, Pumpkin Spice, and Violet Candy.

Apparently, The Flavor Apprentice has not missed anything. Check them for yourself: there are tons of other options and ample details so you can make an educated decision.


Each 4ml bottle costs $1.40 or a 6ml bottle of yam, Worcestershire sauce, etc. costs $1.65. That’s just the flavors. You have to add accessories and a suspension.

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are sold in small and bulk bottles: up to a 5-gallon pail. PG is more expensive than VG, so 5 gallons of the latter costs $118 versus $175 for the equivalent amount of PG. Four ounces of VG is priced $5; $7 for PG.

Droppers come in sets of 10, each one 4mls. The package costs $4. Medium disposable pipettes come in packages of 25 for $2.

Expect any order to be shipped 1 or 2 days after it is placed. The Flavor Apprentice also sells Gift Certificates, but is not a recipe site. If you want recipes, here is what you do.

Recipes for The Flavor Apprentice Flavors

Customers building their own vapor juice post recipes onto internet e-cig forums to share with one another. Tastes are personal, but this gives users a place to start as they try to decide how much of a certain flavor should go with what and how compatible particular liquids are with one another. Otherwise, blends are up to you. Combine Jalapeno and bacon or Worcestershire sauce with yam, then report your findings.