Sweet Vapes

Usually, a Sweet Vapes review contains positive comments about customer service and tasty juices. A few exceptions hardly mar their otherwise great reputation. One customer tastes the juice and says it is yucky. Another writes that his customer service experience was terrible. You will probably enjoy a visit to Sweet Vapes and customer service online is great.

Artistry in Wood

Sweet Vapes sells wood mods designed and made by the owner, Brad Gruss, who is also a carpenter. Pictures of his handiwork are marvelous, showing viewers exactly what is inside a box. This way, maybe you will not be tempted to take yours apart and wreck it.

When you decide to buy something from Sweet Vapes, you are taken to an ecommerce site called Wood Mods. Here you can peruse more goodies, like e liquids, etc.

I do not think vapers will ever see a site like this anywhere else, where the artist shows pictures of types of wood he can use to customize your mod; woods like Bolivian Rosewood and Bubinga. That is classy.

Nectar of the Gods

Liquid from Sweet Vapes is made to order so it is not pre-packaged, ready to ship. This is because e liquid is best after it has steeped for a certain period of time, no more and no less. More is better, but too much can be disastrous. You might find that vapor tastes better simply because it has not been sitting around. The date it was mixed, nicotine mgs, and flavor are all written on the label.

As for flavors, you could try their Chocolate Covered English Toffee for starters. Cake Batter sounds nice too. Puff on apple cider without getting tipsy or try Kona Cream, a popular flavor with customers. A 10ml bottle is priced $5.99, which is absolutely amazing for juice made on the spot with kosher, mostly organic/natural ingredients. You can select a propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio or allow customer service to help you pick one.


Of course, with a beautiful piece of handmade equipment made from real hardwood there will be maintenance. This is art, not just electronics. You should buy some wax to keep it looking nice and a screwdriver that is just the right size. Using a knife to unscrew your device will ruin it.

Shipping is pretty quick in spite of having to wait for flavors to be mixed and steeped. Sweet Vapes invites customers to visit them on Facebook.