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The early word on Strix Elixirs was good and that word is being passed around. They started with a decent selection: 13 juices, which seems a lot compared with many companies releasing one, two, or three at a time instead of building their portfolio first. That number has climbed to 22 in a single year, since which time Strix Elixirs has won 3 Spinfuel Choice Awards and the acclaim of many customers.

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Just to give readers an overview, those 22 flavors are The Bogart and Vanilla Bogart, 2 Honeys and a cream-style version (Blackberry, Blueberry), Mad Batter, The Keys, Delish, Applegasm, and more. Two bananas are Banana Slam and Monkey Stripe.

They are joined by Frozen Tundra, Buttershot, Eggnog, Espresso, Hazelnut Cookie, and Lychee. Finally, there are two ice creams (vanilla and strawberry), Smitten, Pixie Dust, and Sunrise.

The house ratio is 60% propylene glycol but customers can request an adjusted ratio. They offer free shipping on orders exceeding $35 which is pretty low and their juice prices are already affordable.

Even though Strix Elixirs was founded by a husband and wife who were part of the Vape Dudes team, they still offer 10 ml for $5 in plastic easy-squeeze bottles with dripper tips and a bigger bottle if that isn’t enough for you.

Delivery sometimes fails to be as quick as should be, but every other element of the business gets top ratings. Customer service, selection, and flavor are winning over the vaping world.

Getting Specific

Look more closely at these flavors and you see that sweets are popular. The team also likes to add a touch of cream much of the time, so it’s the rare fruit which is straight up. Monkey Stripe is banana and black licorice (a tank cracker, and they let you know when a juice will likely wreck plastic). Black Honey and Blue Honey are fruit and honey flavors. Applegasm mixes sweet apples with tart ones. Sunrise is a tank-cracking fruit-plus-citrus blend.

Having Your Cake or Pie

Mad Batter, one of the newest offerings from Strix Elixir, is just what you expect: cake batter, lemon in this case. The Keys, another new one, tastes like key lime pie with just the right balance of graham cracker crust, cream, and lime. Banana Slam is a lot like the banana version of The Keys but with a bit of chocolate and vanilla.

Rich Sweets

Get a shot of butterscotch from creamy, sweet Buttershot. During the silly season ease the stress of feuding family members over a tank of Eggnog with a drop of Kentucky Bourbon (available for a limited time). Hazelnut Cookie tastes like a cookie with hazelnut spread and marshmallow cream layered down the middle. Even Lychee is splashed with cream. Vanilla-custard Delish is dripping with “creamy.” Scoop out some Strawzilla (strawberry vanilla ice cream) or Vanilla Ice Cream for a frozen treat.

Just Sweet

You will fall for Smitten: white chocolate with strawberry and lemon. Do you remember powdered sugar sticks? That’s what Pixie Dust was modeled on: colored, powdered sugar, but without food coloring.

Cold or Hot

Serve a cup or tank of Espresso with cream and caramel if you are chilled. On unseasonably warm days, take the edge off with a blend of mints from the Frozen Tundra.

Touch of Tobacco

With just two tobacco e-liquids out of 22, they have to be good or they would not be here. The Bogart, made from naturally extracted tobacco, tastes sweeter as Vanilla Bogart, but they are both smooth.

Spinfuel Winners

The men and women at Spinfuel wasted no time trying reviewing liquids by Jennifer Zeares and Andy Schuelein. Overall the menu received 4+ stars from the team, but a few stood out. Early award winners were Banana Slam and Black Honey. Later, Sunrise received the same distinction.

Customer Acclaim

Ratings aside, the website for Strix Elixirs shows that their most reviewed items is Black Honey. This could mean it is the best seller or just the one that wows the most people. All of their flavors, made from US ingredients, gain positive reviews from most users with only the occasional exception. Strix Elixirs are pre-steeped, but that does not mean steeping would fail to improve a few of these flavors for consumers who are not impressed with them straight out of the bottle.

Buy Strix Elixirs

Customers will find this brand on their company website. Re-sellers like ZampleBox carry them too. You might soon become a fan and become excited when you see their owl logo on bottles around the country. Strix Elixirs comes from Dallas, Texas.