Stormy’s Vapor Cellar

This Stormy’s Vapor Cellar review will take customers through their catalogue of vaping goodies, looking at price and selection. Stormy’s sells vaping equipment online from brands such as Innokin, Boge and similarly well known companies.

Stormy’s Vapor Cellar falls behind when it comes to cost. There are lower prices out there for the big-ticket items. First I checked out the Kanger EVOD with two manual batteries, two clearomizers, 5 bottom coil 1.8-ohm heads, an AC-USB adaptor, and a super charger for 500mAh batteries. Stormy’s Vaper Cellar charged $49.99. As soon as I looked somewhere else, I came up with the same kit for less money and not by pennies either.

The same happened with The Legend by Sigelei. You get two tubes to hold 18650 and 18350 batteries respectively and that’s it. Stormy’s Vapor Cellar charges $79.99. Elsewhere, I found a sale price of $65 plus free shipping.

Smaller items, like cones and atomizer heads, cost less so any difference in price should be small. Shipping prices are set ahead of time.

Stormy’s Vapor Cellar guarantees batteries for just 14 days. For an e cig shop this is about standard. Only the companies themselves usually offer a 30-day money back guarantee. For cartomizers and atomizers, customers are only guaranteed replacements if their goods arrive broken, and there are no e liquid guarantees. Tastes are too personal for that.

A 15ml bottle of e liquid costs a competitive $9. Elvis 10ml (Peanut Butter Banana Sandwiches) costs $7. The usual line up is on sale here: various fruits, tobaccos, and treats. You will find what you want, so long as the vapor suits your taste buds.

Every e cig site seems to carry something novel. At Stormy’s Vapor Cellar, the item I like is their eGo ashtray. Instead of ash, it holds your batteries when they are not being charged or used. This is a tidy, decorative way to stop them rolling around.