Square Smoke

Is a Square E Cig a square shape? You might expect that to be the case since some manufacturers are creating oval and rectangular electronic devices. No, as this Square E Cig review demonstrates, these are regular-looking electronic cigarettes for people who want to quit smoking using a device similar to their analog.

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A Minor Caveat

Let me just point out that people are not guaranteed of quitting smoking when they switch to Square mini e cigs. Evidence strongly supports, however, that these cigarette-like, smokeless devices work when traditional methods fail.

Sometimes consumers switch and stay with vaporizing; sometimes they quit nicotine but enjoy the flavors of e liquid; and some people give it all up within a few months. Square also provides the option to cut back on nicotine a little at a time.

Square Deal on Disposables

Square E Cig doesn’t want people to give up vaping: that would defeat the purpose of their business. You can just ease your way down from 18mg to 12mg and finally 0mg of nicotine using their 82 cig.

The disposable costs $9.99 and is available in White, Pink, Silver, Punch, and others. These are not just colors of e cigs: they are also names representing the flavors inside. This is confusing: more descriptive monikers would be much appreciated. Package color is less important to me (and most vapers, presumably) than what is inside.

Starter Kits

Re-loadable kits in two possible colors are packaged in flip-top boxes. They feature a single battery, two cartridges, a USB charger, and cost $19.99. That’s an express kit at a decent price, making this a good way to taste Square E Cig flavors and test the way they feel in your hand.

Five atomized cartridges, pre-filled, sell for $9.99. That is a gob-smacking deal. Most of the time the same size of package costs around $12 to $15, at least if you shop somewhere else.

The Vapor Pen or “S-Pen” by Square E Cig is an intermediate cig not resembling an analog. It’s an EVOD style with a 900mAh battery, tank, 2 extra heating coils, USB charger, wall adaptor, lanyard, and case.

The liquid for this device comes in a number of flavors, but if you stick with the S-Pen you will want to shop around for more variety. I cannot tell you what Royal Dagger is supposed to taste like: there is no description, so I’m going to guess that it is a tobacco variety. Mamma Mia tastes like sweet berries and other fruits. Malibu Silk: the description is in its name, as is the case with Magic Melon.

Square E Cig liquid is made in the United States with zero nicotine for hookah users, but it will work with most e cig tanks too.