Times are changing for cigalike manufacturers. The technology exists to create a brand of introductory cigarette that holds a charge for longer than two hours at a time and produces vapor to rival a VV mod. You might still need something bigger as a heavy vaper (or heavy ex-smoker), but there is an affordable mini cig pushing the boundaries.

A Smoov Review

The brand you want to look for is Smoov. It has been designed to look just like other e cigs you are familiar with, such as V2 and Blu, and you can get battery and cartridge colors so it really appears to be an analog. Its size and weight are the same as vapers of cigalikes are familiar with. Use a cartomizer as you would with several mini cig brands (although, like the Halo G6, a Smoov also takes a mini clearomizer.) Cartomizers are blank.

A starter kit is $59.99 from Delaware Vapor. With it, clients get six blank cartomizers, a wall adaptor, USB charger, and two batteries. The kit comes in black, red, blue, stainless steel, or white with red or blue LED.

When you charge the battery, it provides several hours of vaping before you have to add a newly charged battery. Two hours is the norm with many other brands. The mini tank will come in handy as you will probably run out of juice in the cartomizer before your battery dies, but a tank will last a bit longer.

Batteries contain a microchip to protect against various types of damage and the unit is leak-resistant so you cannot harm the battery by overfilling a cartridge.

The $59.99 price tag would not have impressed me for a starter kit from one of the other companies, but that is because their batteries die so rapidly. With the extra vaping time, I feel this brand is worth paying a little more for.

Accessories from Smoov

Don’t look for juice from Smoov: they sell hardware. As reviewers frequently point out, pre-filled cartridges are rarely anything special. They tend to come from China and contain barely-palatable juice. Their line continues with several colors of cases for about $8 each, a pass-through battery, mini clearomizers and, of course, more batteries.