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How smooth are Smooth Cigs? Customers comparing them with competitors’ e hookahs in particular find these particularly easy to vape. Smooth cigs offers e liquid, disposable e cigs and e hookahs, and rechargeable electronic devices for use with e liquids and wax. They call themselves leaders in the industry.

I find such claims a little hard to swallow: e cig companies are all selling different products. Some carry disposables, some carry e liquids, a few offer a mixture of wax and e liquid devices. How can a firm quantify its position? Money speaks loudest: I’d love to see their books.

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In truth, they don’t have to. All it takes is for customers to either believe what they read or say they don’t care: so long as the products taste good and work. That seems to be the case with Smooth Cigs.

Their USA-made e liquid comes in 12 flavors: Convicted Melon, Watermelon Punch, Berry Strawberry, Citrus Bombshell, Grapetastic, and Lemonade Melon Rage are half of them. For 10 ml, you pay $5.99; $9.99 for 30 ml. The price is great, but what about nicotine? Are these zero-nicotine liquids?

Disposable E-Hookahs

I love the stunning colors on these pens, available in 12 fruit flavors. Each one costs $8.99, but customers secure a deal by purchasing in bulk. There is a 12-pack for $72 (the price of 8 e hookahs), and packs of 4, 8, or 12. It pays to buy in volume, and that is a great way to prepare for an office party too if many of your employees smoke or vape. Hand these out instead of candy canes.

E Cigs

There are just three types here: all of them containing nicotine. Choose a menthol or tobacco with 18 mg of nicotine. The 24-mg tobacco is your third choice. These aren’t sold online so you can expect to find them at corner stores and smoke shops.

Vapes and Accessories

Buy a 900-mAh e liquid pen with 10 ml of liquid, a clearomizer (referred to as an atomizer), USB charger, and wall adapter for $24.99. That’s a great price with e juice. The slim version is priced $19.99. Between them select chrome, red, gold, silver, and other colors.

The Mini Protank 2 doesn’t look to be a Kanger device. It’s a single 650-mAh e cig with a tank, USB charger, and 10 ml of juice for $24.99. Coils cost $9.99.

Their 650-mAh waxy oil vaporizer comes with two atomizers, a packing tool, and a USB charger.

Smooth Cigs Review

The website was easy going and straightforward. Ordering did not appear to be a challenge. Juice selection was great and flavors are considered strong by users, so if you are tired of weak flavors this is where you should be looking. Vapor production for their disposables is excellent when you remember they’re just pen-style vapes. Overall, presentation is smooth.

But are they leaders? Perhaps Smooth disposables have really put them on the map, making them widely available but not as famous as, say, Vaporfi, Green Smoke and V2 Cigs. But they don’t specialize in starter kits: once you know you like to vape, Smooth makes the logical next move, offering Ego cigs and leaving mini cigs behind.