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After examining the e-cigarette market for a while, you see an e-cig hierarchy of sorts emerge. Regular two-piece electronic cigarettes are the poor relations compared with APV devices featuring adjustable power and little screens for monitoring your device’s performance.

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Then again, even with the two-piece e-cig group there are distinctions. Certain brands make cigs that feel and look cheap and perform poorly amidst a lot of competition.

V2 Standard KitFor my money, there is no brand better than V2 Cigs in this space.

Read the V2 Cigs review I posted and you’ll see why I feel that way.

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A Smokeless Image Review

Where does Smokeless Image appear on this platform? Reviewers are speaking positively about their products, with one point standing out among the rest: their pricing. A basic starter kit from SI will cost you around $20 which is not bad. Not only that, but consumers like the color and tone of the design.

Starter Kits from SI

The easiest way to start vaping is to buy a disposable and get a feel for e-cigs. $6.95 is not the cheapest price for disposables, but it is decent and the product is slick black. A soft disposable e-cigar is also available.

The next stage is to buy a Volt Pack Kit. A basic beginner’s set, costing around $17, comes in a traditional cigarette package holding a rechargeable battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger. This is a bargain.

The next version up is a Basic Starter Kit for $29.95. This features the same as above plus 5 cartridges. Consumers also select the flavor they want in the strength they like.

Smokeless Image Volt Starter Kit

Smokeless MVP

Smokeless Image also makes a Volt MVP tank system for vapers moving on to better things. This provides control to the consumer who sets wattage or voltage as she likes. An MVP also counts your puffs and shows when the 2600mAh battery is running out of juice.

For $69.95, your pack contains two clearomizers (red, green, blue, etc.), a blue carbon, silver, or black MVP, and 30ml of liquid. Considering what you get and how expensive tank systems can become, the price is relatively low. You could do worse when starting your advanced vaping experience.


While some consumers prefer to buy pre-packaged nicotine so they can avoid the mess and bother of refilling a tank or cartridge, many dollars can be saved by purchasing bottles of e-juice and adopting a DIY attitude.

Smokeless Image carries juice in the typical flavors like grape, cherry, and chocolate. They also carry assorted menthol and tobacco flavors like 555, described as a bit nutty and slightly sweet.